Awesome Evening…

Well, one guy has redeemed himself from being grouped with the “sucky guys”. I don’t know how this guy does it! He took me out to dinner at this cute little italian place (which by the way, he made RESERVATIONS for!). I love it when guys plan ahead, it shows consideration. It shows that you weren’t an after-thought. But it gets even better! Well, first of all, he called me a few days in advance to ask me if I wanted to go see David Copperfield. I’ve always wanted to see David Copperfield, that guy is awesome!!!! So yea, that’s another example of how Mr. J (that’ll be his alias name) planned ahead.
Anyway, the show was amazing! I was totally stunned. He was funny, he made things disapear…the works. And he did it all to cool music and with a relaxed laid back attitude, which surprised me because it was totally unlike his other stuff I’ve seen. For example, the whole time David Copperfield was wearing slacks and a blue shirt unbuttoned over a white undershirt. But he could have been wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I still would think he was the coolest.
So after the show, Mr.J and I were walking back to the parking garage and we see these guys walking past us that Mr. Copperfield supposedly made disappear and then reappear on the sunny beaches of Taiwan to live happily ever after. So that was sort of disappointing because obviously they weren’t really in Taiwan. *sigh* But I still think David Copperfield is the coolest! hehe
Now, if you think just going to see the world’s greatest illusionist is unbelievable, this guy goes on to out do himself. Once we get back to his car, he asks me if I’d like to go to dessert somewhere. Naturally I said sure, all the while I’m thinking he’s probably going to take me to Starbucks or something. But no, he pulls out his phone and pushes a button (I’m assuming it was speed dial) and asks the person on the other line if they have room to seat two, then he proceeds to make a reservation! I was so impressed! This guy had it all planned out! He even had the number to this really nice little restaurant all set up on his speed dial. So we went to this elegant little place for dessert. He proposed an idea of having this really neato sunday, which the signature dessert of the place, and he didn’t get offended when I said I’d prefer apple pie. By the way, he paid for EVERYTHING! I felt so bad, but somehow it felt okay. He just did it all so casually. He didn’t make a face or suck in his breath when the check came. And he didn’t make any nervous jokes. Half the time I didn’t even realize he’d paid the bill until he asked if I was ready to go. Also, I forgot to mention this earlier…he was such a gentleman all evening! When he picked me up, he was waiting outside to open the door. He opened the car door and every other door, every single time! And it was all casual. He was very smooth about his compliments too. He told me I look nice and everything, which always makes you feel special to hear. His compliments weren’t cheesy or anything and they sounded very sincere. It was sort of funny actually. As we were walking out of the place we went for dessert, he asked me “Now, I know when you’re going into a place that the guy opens the door and lets the lady go first, but how does he do it on the way out? How does he hold the door open? Isn’t it sort of awkward?” It was so funny! I mean, just the fact that he was thinking about it was sort of cute.
So as we’re about to leave the elegant little dessert place, he asks me if I’m going to church tomorrow and I said yes. And then he asks me if it’s not too late, he has another surprise for me. I’d had a feeling there was something more, but it didn’t connect until that moment. He had checked his cell phone for messages a few times that night and he kept talking about some guy or whatever. It turns out Emerson Coffeehouse was tonight and he had made plans with a friend of his to play a few special songs for me! Of course he didn’t tell me this until we got there. Unfortunately his friend didn’t show. Apparently he got stuck on a roomies date. But the show was still fun and I had a great time. *Props to Mr. J* I had another amazing night on the town!
I think one of the things that made this date nice was that it wasn’t awkward and he didn’t make any moves and he was totally honest and sincere. He shared his thoughts and wasn’t talking about himself the whole night. Furthermore, he genuinely cared about what I had to say. If he asked me something and I started to tell him, he wouldn’t interject with a story of his own or anything. He made me feel like what I had to say was intelligent and important.
Even though this is a guy I wouldn’t consider ‘hooking up’ with, he is definitely a guy I have come to respect and admire. Sure he had his goofs here and there, but we all do. The thing that impressed me most out of this whole evening was knowing that he planned ahead and he let me know that I was not and after-thought. For lack of a better word, he made me feel special.

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2 Responses to “Awesome Evening…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    awwww, that’s so sweet. I’m glad you had a nice time!
    I want one of those non-sucky boys too. hehe

  2. propheceye says:

    …this is a guy I wouldn’t consider ‘hooking up’ with…
    I sincerly enjoy the fact that you just wrote 6 paragraphs saying how great this guy is (not even including previous LJ posts) only to say you are not interested in him. Nice guys truely do finish last. I’m glad I have been getting meaner in my old age.
    This is also why guys suck, they are just trying to survive. Atleast they arn’t as evil as girls are.

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