A Tribute to Nerds…

I have to say that nerds, although generally branded with negative stereotypes by an unapreciative society, are truely a gift from the good Lord Himself.
Naturally my opinion is slightly biased being that I am a nerd, however I encourage you to hear me out on this note. In the same way that you make an effort to shrug off stereotypes of race or sex, the same energy would serve just as well if put toward shrugging stereotypes of nerds. Nerds are wonderful! They have saved me from many a dull, unsocial Friday evening. Plus, they are trustworthy and can carry on a great conversation.
This evening, just as I was settling in to an uneventful evening of drawing…my best friend in the whole wide world called me. It was such a treat to hear her voice. (sidenote- my best friend has an awesome voice…whether singing, talking or laughing…it’s always musical). My best friend always calls me at the perfect times. She always knows when I really need to talk or when I just need to listen to a familiar voice. And strangly enough…it’s odd that she always calls at the exact moment that I am thinking of calling her. haha. She reads me like a picture book.
Anyhow, back to the nerds. Some of my nerd friends called and asked me to bring a couple friends to watch a movie and they rescued me from an evening of hiding (which is what I would have done). Not only did they invite me to join them, they walked over to pick me up so I wouldn’t be walking by myself at night and then they walked me back! All the way to the door and even held it open for me…going the full mile. I admire that so much. Anyhow, I think it’s time for bed. But let me leave you with this bit of wisdom…make friends with a nerd and you not only make a new friend, you have befriended your future boss.

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