Well, I’m sitting here feeling like a zombie. The past few days have been sooooo full of intensity. I had this paper due last friday for my communications class and I was struggling with it sooo bad! I’ve never had that much trouble with a paper before. EVER! I’m sure I’ll be able to look back on this and tell myself it was nothing, but dang! In the midst of it, you’re thinking to yourself “What’s going on???”. Ahyhow, I didn’t get that paper in until this afternoon. Then I called my prof and left a message asking her if I could meet with her sometime soon to talk about it. She is going to be my future academic advisor, so I figure I might as well get aquainted now.
So now I’ve still got a full plate, but at least that ridiculous paper out of the way. Unfortunately, my other classes aren’t looking too hot. I really need to crack down in my bio class. Yuck. I get to go home for Thanksgiving in two days! yippi! Here I come Loreanne! I’m almost there!
Despite the four articles I’m supposed to have done, the comic strips I have to illustrate, the art supplies I need to buy, the interviews I have to do, the appointments I have to keep, the packing I have to do, the finals I have to study for, the job I need to find, the Christmas shopping I don’t have done, the boy issues I’m battling through and the message that God is screaming in my ear that I can’t hear or understand….all is peachy! Oh boy, you would think I was overwhelmed or something. haha. I think I shall go look for the moon and have some time with God to refresh my soul. It’s so beautiful outside! Praise the Lord!

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