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So I figure I should do a quick update seeing as how all I’ve posted lately have been questionaires and quizzes and such. I guess I can be optimistic and assume that there are folks out there who want to know what I’m up to besides my wonderful grandma, hehe.
Right now I just got back from my pal Juahn’s place. He was nice and recorded CSI for me on Thursday because every Thursday night I have Falcon staff meeting at the same exact time as CSI. So I went and did some homework there and watched CSI. It was a great episode.
I’m obviously still working for the campus newspaper, The Falcon, and I’ve got a bunch of great stories running now. I’m currently working on one concerning the history of the 6th Ashton Orangemen. They’re sort of a cheering squad for the SPU basketball teams. So I’m pretty jazzed about that one.
I’ve been involved in volunteer work too, for a ministry outreach after school program for kids. I work with the Rainier Avenue Church branch of the program. But it’s actually a group, including Union Gospel Mission, KidREACH and Rainier Avenue. I just decided I wanted to go and do something on my own and not just because it was required or because my friends were doing it. The people are great and the kids are awesome. I really feel that God is going to do some great things through this after school club.
Tonight was the first meeting of the small group I’m leading for our floor. There are five other freshmen girls in my group and I pray that God will speak to them through our time together. I’m pretty excited to share my experiences and what I know with them. They are a great group of women and they all share the same background: born and raised in a Christian home with a loveing Christian family, grew up in the church, etc. I hope to make this accountability group something that will inspire growth and help draw them closer to God.
On Sunday nights I go to my friend Heather’s place and she leads a bunch of women in this amazing Bible study. We’re working from a book called “Her Name Is Woman”. I love the book! I’ve learned a lot from it already and our discussions when we meet are insightful.
I feel like God’s also been speaking to me through this book I’ve been reading called “Celebration of Discipline”. It’s an intense book about the inward and outward disciplines of the Christian faith. It’s a deep deep book. I highly recommend it to those who are looking to further and intensify their relationship with God.
I got a call today from my mom. It’s the first time I’ve talked to her since she and my dad dropped me off a few weeks ago. It was good to hear her voice. We were only able to talk for a while because she called me back on her cell phone and we just chatted while she was commuting to work. The Lord is doing some amazing things in the life of my family. I really truely praise Him for that. I’ve been praying a lot for my family. They are going to church regularly again and are also involved in their Sunday school class. My mom is sooooo excited about our new pastor! He sounds awesome from the examples she gave me. Apparently he’s been inspiring a lot of change for the better in our congregation. I was so happy to hear that.
Also she told me that my brother has been given a great opportunity and he’s in Memphis right now at a Six Sigma training meeting. Apparently that’s something only highly privilaged employees get to go to because it’s like a seal of gold on any resume. I was excited about that.
Well, now for the stuff everybody is probably really interested in, boys. Blah. I honestly haven’t been paying much attention to them beyond friendship level. But it’s college, that’s all anybody ever talks about around here, especially on a floor full of freshman. The SPU dating service is back up and running and everybody is pushing me to activate an account. I really don’t want to and honestly I don’t know that I have time. I mean, sure…I could ‘make’ time…but I don’t really want to meet a guy that way. I’d prefer he make the effort and show me that he’s really interested insted of bumping into me and taking an interest just because I’m there and it was convinient. So there, I said it. If I mean that much to you…take the time to get to know me! I’m sure plenty of girls would agree.
Well, I think that’s enough for now…I must go back to my black pit of dispare and study for a test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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