Things that annoy me…

I just got out of my Intro to Interpersonal Communications class. In class we watched a video and discussed the differences in the ways that men and women communicate. A lot of the stuff they talked about was stuff I already knew. For example, when guys talk they generally don’t feel a need to make eye contact or be facing each other. These are generally important features in a woman’s conversation. Anyhow, after class I was walking to Weter, (which is where I normally go to use the computers so I don’t have to hike all the way back up to Ashton.) and as I was walking I was observing people and I started thinking about all the little things guys do that usually strike me as quite unattractive. I’m not sure that these things bother any other girls, but it certainly gets my goat (so to speak). Here’s a short list of examples:

1. The Duck Walk – This, for some reason, is the most annoying to me. I suggest watching the way guys walk if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. You’ll notice that certain guys walk with their toes pointing out and it looks ridiculous. I’ve also noticed that guys who walk with their feet straight tend to have better posture and look more confident. *this is just my opinion though*

2. Posture – In congunction with the “duck walk”, guys who have better posture generally look stronger (example – their shoulders look broader which is often a lovely feature). Also if they have good posture it’s usually a reflection of their athletic capacity. (athletes more often have good posture and noticable confidence).

3. Yawning – as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, yawning in someone’s face while their talking is not just rude, IT’S GROSS! I don’t want to smell your stinky coffee breath! I don’t mind if they yawn while I’m talking – I won’t take that personally – just cover your mouth. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

4. The Limp – unless you are a ghetto homey or are actually suffering from injury, don’t try the limp. You just look like a fool. Especially if you’re sporting A&F and are carrying a shoulder bag from The Gap.

5. Wandering Eyes – Ladies, when you’re talking to a guy, it’s fair to assume that his gaze will not always be steady with yours. Things are going to catch his attention (especially if he’s watching the game on TV or if a buddy of his walks by), but a huge sign to look out for is his radar gaze. There is just something completely wrong about how a guy can have his full attention on you one minute and then you look up to see his gaze following some chick as she walks by. So rude! I understand that it’s instinct and sure it happens to the best of them, but let’s be honest here.

Well, now that I have those few examples out of my system…I hope those help those guys out there who are really trying to make a good impression. There are plenty more, but I think that’s good enough for now. Also, some of the above are just general manners and edicute. If you didn’t learn after having your mommy correct you, it’d probably be a good idea to start now.

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