Special hugs…

Have you ever needed a specific hug? Like a hug that can only come from your dad? or from your grandma? Right now I need a guy hug. I need the kind of hug that can only come from a close guy friend…not necessarily a boyfriend (although that would be nice too), but a brother-type person.
It’s interesting how different people in our lives fulfill different roles and meet different needs. My brother for example, he hugs differently than my dad. (Either of them would definitly be able to fulfill this hug longing right now). My dad’s hugs are big bear hugs. The kind where you get lifted off of your feet and twirled around. In those kind of hugs, it’s like my heart is a snow globe and when all the joy seems to have settled to the bottom…a big twirling bear hug from dad will always stir up the joy and happiness in my heart again.
A mom hug is a comforting kind of hug. Firm but gentle in an assuring sort of way. When something goes wrong at school or life is giving you the cold shoulder…a mom hug is a good hug to have.
I could go on about roommate hugs and best friend hugs….but I don’t think I have the right words with me right now to describe them. Those are the kind of hugs that are applied accordingly for whatever situation arises. If I’m sad, the best friend hug will most certainly be adjusted for the tender moment. If I’m happy and excited, she would probably have a bouncy, happy…jumping up and down hug on hand. Best friend hugs and roommate hugs are “adjustable hugs”…I think that’s the best way to describe them.
But guy hugs…*sigh*…they, I’m afraid are completely unique. Sometimes (and very rarely so) can they be satisfied by a family member. There is a certain strength and security that can be found in a big, warm ‘guy hug’. And I wish I could give a description that would do it justice, but alas…I have an article to write and homework to do. Blah. I’m a bit stressed out and a touch lonely. But the only possible cure for that right now, besides a guy hug, is prayer. So I think I’ll do that before I run along to study and whatnot.
My pearl of wisdom for the day…be generous with your hugs and don’t forget you can always make more.

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2 Responses to “Special hugs…”

  1. propheceye says:

    I know that probably didn’t do it for you though…
    Perhaps it’s time to go give a chance to one of those hundreds of guys that secretly has a crush on you at school?
    Or just kidnap a freshman… that’s what I did.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    HAHA, you kidnapped a freshman? Kenny! You know better than that, haha. Go put her back and say you’re sorry. hehe
    Thanks for the hugs! Hope all has been well for you at school!

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