Is the way I eat that fascinating? Or do I have something on my face?

Honestly! Why is it that people have this weird fascination with watching me eat? I mean, I don’t know about you…but I certainly don’t go places to watch people eat, I go places to simply enjoy a nice meal! I dunno, perhaps it’s just me. But on more than one account I looked up from my book (or books…I’m usually studying or reading while I eat. I’m just an obsessive compulsive multi-task-er, I dunno) to see people just looking or staring at me. My roommate does it all the time! She’ll have this amused look on her face and she’ll just sit there smiling at me. Then when I ask what she’s thinking, she’ll just shrug and say “oh, nothing!” I can understand if it happens occasionally, like when someone is thinking about something else but just happens to be staring at you. That happens all the time, right? Like staring off into space, absorbed in thought. Maybe I’m having one of those weird days where it seems like everyone is watching you.
Other than that odd aspect, my day was pretty good. The sunshine was out for a while this morning and I was thoroughly enjoying that. I praise the Lord for sunny days! I thought of some interesting things while I was in the shower this morning. By the way, I’m not sure why, but I always come up with the weirdest and sometimes greatest thoughts or ideas while I’m in the shower. Does that ever happen to you? I think I’m going to officially call the shower one of my think tanks. Because I’m always thinking when I’m in the shower. Not sure why, but anyway…moving on. I decided I would feel insecure about having an actor or actress as a close friend. Seriously, I’ve thought about this rather thoroughly. Unless they were like my best friend in the whole wide world and I knew them really really really well, I would be put off by the fact that I would never know for sure if they were being sincere or simply being a good actor or actress and shining me on. Well, in a way, I’m sure you could consider everyone to be an actor/actress when meeting new people or when they’re around a certain person or group that they’re trying to maintain or present a certain image to. Everybody does that, it’s natural. But I’m talking about actual actors/actresses by profession. I’m not sure what triggered that thought, but yea, I thought it was an interesting thing to consider when getting chummy with a really good actor/actress. Not that I come across very many acting majors or anything. 🙂
The bummer about the think tank is that more times than not, as soon as I step out of the shower and continue on with my day, I forget the great ideas or revelations that I had previously conceived. Same thing happens when I think of something important just before going to bed. Unless I write it down, it’s usually forgotten by morning unfortunately.
Well, back to my original topic of how my day was, haha, it was busy, as usual. Went to sit in on a BSM (Board of Student Media) meeting to follow up on the fate of KSPU (our campus radio station). That was interesting. Another thought that struck me today was how much I enjoy journalism. Sure it can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but as my new favorite t-shirt says “pain is temporary, pride is permanent”. In the grand scheme of things, the outcome is worth the work. I’ve come across disappointments too, don’t get me wrong. Like this last story I’ve been working my tail off for, the Orangemen story. A story about the history of a unique floor tradition on campus involving a cheer squad whose members dress up like convicts. I thought I had an awesome timely angle going and I was really excited to see where I could take it. But then, my sources fell through, my angles faded and my story lost its timely slant. I was pretty bummed because I had done a ton of research and leg work and I had learned a lot. But it has been postponed and this will be my second story to take that trip. But I haven’t let it get me down. That BSM meeting has provided a back up and so I ended up just spending my afternoon writing the follow up article, which turned out decently. I only pray they put the correct name on it this time. Last time they attributed the article to the wrong girl. haha. It happens, right?
Well, now I’ve got three more articles on my plate that I’m working on. It’s a tough load, but I feel that God has helped me to thrive and find my niche in all the madness. I love my editor! Jade has become a really close friend. Our friendship has especially started to bloom since we have been spending more and more time together in the office and at Bible Study. I invited her to come be a part of the women’s Bible study that I was so excited about this summer. By the way, I have been loving every second of that study! The Lord has taught me a tremendous amount through that. And I’ve grown so much closer to Heather as well. I love that girl so much and she has been an amazing influence on me too!
Anyway, I should stop blabbing and get back to work.
Here is my pearl of wisdom for the day:
“I am so grateful I did not wait until I was perfect or had everything straight before praying for others, otherwise I would never have begun.”
“We must never wait until we ‘feel’ like praying before we pray for others.”
“It takes no time, but it occupies all our time,” It is not prayer in addition to work but prayer simultaneous with work.” -Richard J. Foster

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2 Responses to “Is the way I eat that fascinating? Or do I have something on my face?”

  1. propheceye says:

    I have a theory that you come up with all those great ideas in the shower because you are naked. Therefore to test this theory I suggest you spend an entire day naked and see if you can think of somthing genius. I will do it too if you do it 🙂

  2. sarahmadson says:

    HAHAHA! You first! 🙂

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