“I’m speechless! I’m….without speech!”

Okay, so yea, that’s a lie and all of you who know me pretty well are probably laughing. Anyhow, it’s been super long since my last entry. And this one is probably going to be pretty short as well. Sorry!
School has been good…overwhelming as usual…but good nonetheless. I’ve spent outrageous amounts on books and ungodly amounts on paint supplies (I pray it’s worth it!).
I’m pretty proud of myself on one account though. I haven’t been late to my 8am class yet! (ok, so there’s only been two classes so far…but still! I’m 2 for 2!). Plus I’ve been getting up early enough to go and take advantage of our cafeteria for some yummy breakfast. (Our cafeteria, by the way, is ranked number one in the nation! Can you believe it!)
My roommate and I met a guy named Faser yesterday. Isn’t that neat?! Now I can honestly say I know guy named Fraser. We met him in front of Gwinn (that’s our cafeteria) after coming from an opening convocation. Gwinn wasn’t open yet so we sat down on the staircase nearby and my wonderful roommate listened to me go on about how I’m suffering from tennis withdrawls (I still haven’t found anyone who has a racket and has time to go play *whine*). Fraser walks up and just as he reaches to try the door we politely inform him that it isn’t open yet and I slide over and make room for him to sit with us on the stairs. By this time I have already asked all three people around us if they played tennis (because I’m desperate for someone to hit with!), so naturally my first question to Fraser isn’t “Sooo…what’s your name?” or “Are you new here?”. My first question is “Do you know how to play tennis? Do you have a racket?”. I didn’t even give him time to respond to the first question before asking the second, haha. What can I say? Withdrawl brings out a fiesty side in me.
So all three of us talked for a while before Gwinn opened and Faser ate lunch with us. Turns out my roommate, Sarah, had talked to his dad in the sandwich line just a day or so ago when everyone was moving in. Weird huh?! Yea, that’s my roommate for ya, she seriously knows just about everyone here!
Last night Fraser called me and asked if I wanted to play chess the next evening. So after dinner I walked over to Emerson (my old dorm, *sigh*) and I went and played chess. Quite fun actually. I did learn from a pro *wink wink, J, you know who you are!* We ended up talking more than playing though…he’s quite an interesting and intellectual fellow. I’m just excited that I’m meeting more and more new people.
Tonight was GROUP, it’s like youth group for college people. There was some great worship and this guy spoke and he recited the whole story of Johan verbatim! And he told it really well! Then we went on a prayer walk around the campus. We walked silently with candles and prayed silent prayers for this coming year. We finally regrouped and sang a few more worship songs before going back to our dorms. It was funny, after we got back I was heading to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth when suddenly a “panty parade” from 4th West marches through our hall knocking on doors and yelling “PANTY PARADE!!!” as they continue down the hall in nothing but panties, bras and high heels. haha! fun stuff!
Oh yea, speaking of weirdness…initiation or..Fusion rather…..is next week and I’ve been elected to be part of the planning committee. Yikes! I need go ideas! PLEASE HELP! Give me some good, clean, and safe initiation ideas.
And with that, my friends, I’d love to update you more…but I need sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and walk to Safeway. Then I need to get back in time to finish my resume (I can’t find my old one) and then finish my application for assistant news editor (even though I pretty much already have the job). Then I have to research some stuff and come up with some good questions for an interview with a guy that I have tomorrow for an article I’ve already been assigned to do. THEN…I have class and then I need to get some laundry started while I crank away at the mountain high piles of homework and studying I already have to do. Then I have my Falcon staff meeting at 9:00pm! *grrrrr* THAT’S THE SAME TIME AS CSI!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo mad! I know they bumped it back so they could watch Friends (stupid Friends, they’re so old!) I’ll have to find somebody to record it. Then I have to write an apology note to my Bible study girls because I will have had to miss our scheduled emailing time, *sniffle* I feel so bad!
Please keep me in your prayers and be sure to thank the Lord for all the little blessings too! (like sleep for instance *yawn*)

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4 Responses to ““I’m speechless! I’m….without speech!””

  1. tikijam says:

    glad to hear you’re having a good (yet busy sounding) time at school! and hehe i admire you for making it to 8 am class! I had one last quarter, and I think I slept through it at least 50% of the time. Never again! 😛

  2. sarahmadson says:

    JAMIE!!! Hi!
    It’s good to hear from you. I hope you’re school year is going good as well. Yea, my 8am is tough, but it’s worth it! Hooray painting!

  3. I hope fourth west didn’t have a ‘panty parade’!
    I really hope it wasn’t fourth west that had a ‘panty parade’! That’s a guys floor. The mental image of guys in bras, panties and high heels is not a pretty one! haha!

  4. sarahmadson says:

    Re: I hope fourth west didn’t have a ‘panty parade’!
    Haha, no I don’t believe it was. I think it was the girls from 2nd east, but I’m not sure. hehe, but that does pose some odd mental pictures, doesn’t it? haha

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