Ichy gills!!! Oh no!

Poor Jimmy has itchy gills. I feel so bad…it must be incredibly hard to be a fish with an itch and not have the luxury of having arms with hands to scratch it. I’m watching little Jimmy swim around happily and then suddenly dive to the bottom and rub against the gravel with his gills. *sigh* That’s how sad I am…my heart goes out the a fish.
It kind of makes me put things in perspective and shows me how I view things. I think I have a tendency to sympathize with others based partially on eye contact. I’m sure there’s logical reasoning for this documented somewhere in a thick book on some high shelf in a library, coated in a heavy layer of dust. But, I still gage my findings as new in my book!
Anyhow, have you ever realized how you can make a gage relationships based on eye contact? Do you think that half of the men in the armed forces would still be able to kill so many people if they actually had to come face to face with them rather than simply push a button to release a bomb on a target marked by a dot on a screen?
I know these questions have been raised before, but somehow a new lesson is learned every time they’re heard. I think this is also why certain verses in the Bible can have new relevance, every time you read them…whether for the first time or the twentieth time.
Here is my pearl of wisdom for today:
Experience is the twist of lime that gives every lesson a new flavor.

With that, I must go and practice for “Fusion”…I will elaborate later. That is all.

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2 Responses to “Ichy gills!!! Oh no!”

  1. tikijam says:

    sorry, this reply isnt really in regards to the itchy gills thing, although that sucks and im sorry for mr jimmy….but anyways!
    today i was watching msnbc (im not sure why…) and they have this little thing at the bottom that scrolls with tidbits of entertainment/government news…and i saw that in March there is going to be a new 24 hour martial arts/kung fu cable channel debuting…”Blackbelt TV” so like….i thought of you! lol im sorry if that was random :/

  2. sarahmadson says:

    No WAY!!!! That is sooooo AWESOME!!! Thanks for letting me know Jamie! You rock!

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