Hooray for today!

Today is gorgeous! Praise the Lord!
I got up in a good mood this morning and stayed that way until I went to go take a shower and somebody got to the good stall first! grrrr…I knew I should have hung a sign on it saying “Reserved for Sarah at 6:30am”. Then I wouldn’t have this problem. The reason it’s the good stall is because it’s the only one that has any water pressure at all. In the other ones you have to practically run around the stall to get wet. SOOOO annoying and it makes your showers like twice as long as they would normally take. blah. Anyhow, I got over that and went to art class. I love my painting class. Unfortunately this girl and I chose to do our still life paintings from the exact same spot. But naturally only one person could use this spot at a time, so I let her paint in the special spot today since I got to paint there monday. No worries, I decided I would go back to the studio tonight or tomorrow morning if I have time. I just need to find someone who would be willing to accompany me to the studio so I wouldn’t be there by myself late at night. haha, funny story about that…last time I painted in the studio late at night, I dragged my roommate with me. She was sick and didn’t want to go anywhere, but I talked her into it and told her she could just go as she was (in her pjs basically) and then I would carry the folding disc chair to the studio so she could chill and read or whatever while I studied. So we did that and it was fun. She set up her little area using the other stools as a foot rest and a side table, it was hilarious…I wish I had a camera. Anyhow, yea…moving on. I’m excited InNOut started his lj! Go read it! He’s officially cool because he’s my friend and he’s from California.
I got a call today with a lead for another article and I’d have to miss class to do the follow up…so now I’m debating what I should do. hmmmm, miss communications and go to awards ceramony? I think I might if I can’t find a stand in. But the thing is, I was called in as a special request, which makes me feel super cool because that means I have credability and connections…which is really good for my journalistic status. Hooray for me! *pat on the back* Anyhow, yea, I have to make that decision and I have to decide what I’m doing for Halloween. Bummer, I don’t have a costume yet. I was going to be a ninja, but I need to find a black outfit…which I don’t have. I could be a person from the 80’s, but that’s way overrated. I also need to decide what my itinerary for that day is going to be too. I want to help out volunteering for two different organizations. I could go trick-or-treating for canned foods for the Queen Anne Food Bank from 6pm-8pm, which works nicely because it doesn’t overlap with the Falcon staff Halloween party which I think is at 10pm after the staff meeting at 9. My only dilema is with the recycling people. I volunteered to help distribute recycling bins in the residence halls, but I could only sign up to work from 3-6 because of the can collecting. But they need people to work from 3-9. What do I do?! I wish I could do both. And I had to miss tutoring the kids today because of an article, I feel kinda bad about that too. So much to do! So little Sarah to go around! (and naturally not enough time)
Well, I have to head all the way across campus again to get to an interview. blah. Why can’t they all just come to ‘my’office? I’d be so much nicer than having to hike back and forth across campus a gazillion times every day.

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One Response to “Hooray for today!”

  1. innout says:

    wow, thanks!
    thanks PoluOwau…it’s nice to be considered “officially cool”. makes me smile. actually met another cool californian working at starbucks over on w. dravus today…made me smile.

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