The Forgotten War

PoluOwau: Mr. Star Fighter..shouldn’t you be out saving the world?
PoluOwau: or at least helping old ladies cross the street?
TheLastStarFighter: I am, this is my remote access from my ship
PoluOwau: oh I see
PoluOwau: so how does that work?
PoluOwau: is the world currently at peace or something?
TheLastStarFighter: the shores of the federations are pretty quiet as of late…
TheLastStarFighter: so how are you serving our great alliance? More paperwork?
PoluOwau: yes indeed
PoluOwau: there is no greater task to serve your planet than paperwork
PoluOwau: it’s the dirt that nobody else wants to do
PoluOwau: there are no small parts…
TheLastStarFighter: oh I see
TheLastStarFighter: some would not agree with that
TheLastStarFighter: papers don’t shoot back
PoluOwau: oh but they do
PoluOwau: in a quiet, but financially detramental way
TheLastStarFighter: oh I see
TheLastStarFighter: quiet and detrimental lazer blasts coming from paper huh?
PoluOwau: oh, don’t underestimate the power of a bill
PoluOwau: lemme tell ya!
PoluOwau: It’s the forgotten war
TheLastStarFighter: forgotten war huh?
TheLastStarFighter: 🙂
PoluOwau: papercuts, black hands, wrinkled and confused forheads…
PoluOwau: it’s not a pretty sight
TheLastStarFighter: oh I see
PoluOwau: riiiiight, it’s okay kiddo…it’s one of those things where you’d have to have been there to realize the gravness of it
PoluOwau: you’d have to see the coalating process for yourself
TheLastStarFighter: guess so
PoluOwau: *sigh* be glad that you haven’t, Soldier
TheLastStarFighter: sound like pure life and death situations
PoluOwau: it is…I’ve lost many close friends
PoluOwau: you practically have to be desensitized
PoluOwau: it’s not for the weak stomachs that’s for sure

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One Response to “The Forgotten War”

  1. trademehalos says:

    cute 😛 if the conversation were up to him tho, it’d be quite boring…yay for sarah’s ramblings! 🙂

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