Super Brief Update… of consciousness…

Parent’s coming home this weekend…I’m leaving the end of this week to go back to school…not sure if I’m ready…Going to miss friends and kitties…family too I guess….probably not getting my hair cut until December…excited to start new women’s Bible study with Heather (friend at SPU)…going to really miss old women’s Bible study here at home….going to miss my jr.high girls Bible study…other things or people I’m going to miss: Loreanne, Emily, Lance, Chris, brother (I guess, grrrr), parents, kitties, Brad, Jared, Tim, Kenny, Chris (Fozzy Bear, Loreanne knows who I’m talking about), Johan, Quinn (but I’ll see him in Washington), and a million other things I can’t think of right now. I had a great weekend. Jenny didn’t win the Miss America pagent, but she won in our hearts…we love you Jenny! I love my new Maroon 5 cd I burned….I miss my Silverchair cd that Loreanne burned for me…I lost my Angel sunglasses (the only cool pair I own)…pizza will be here shortly…I have to pay…rats! I have no money to spend…I haven’t gotten my check from A&F…I haven’t gone back there since…a long time ago…I’m missing Jeff (Lord help me!)…I find comfort in: the Lord and knowing Loreanne knows exactly how I feel…I praise God for true sisters in Christ. I’m going to miss: the California weather, watching sunsets from my patio in the back yard, long walks or jogs to the park, candle lit prayer sessions in my room…by myself, (we can’t have candles in the dorms at school, poo on them!), sitting outside on the cool green grass in the warm sun feeling the breeze tickle my shoulders and smelling the sweet aroma of my home state on a beautiful summer day, waking up early when I don’t have to and taking a jog on a crisp sunshine filled morning, waving to neighbors and watching children play in the sprinklers, evening walks with my dad or my brother…pampering parties with my best friend…making my own pasta, soup or biscuts…making my own chocolate chip cookies with my Bible study girls…lounging by the pool with Quinn or going to baseball or soccer games with Quinn, going to concerts with my closest friends, being treated like a princess by Tim, being taken to dinner and the theater by Brad, late night shifts at A&F with friends…so much more, oh so much more…

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