Only if I Thought It Was You…

TheLastStarFighter: young pencil pusher has much to learn, much to learn
TheLastStarFighter: 😉
PoluOwau: ah great Star Fighter, we are in different wars
PoluOwau: much different
TheLastStarFighter: besides, I’m not judge jury and executioner, just a mere starfighter on the front lines.
PoluOwau: there is much that we both have to learn
TheLastStarFighter: Judge Dredd is a different movie
PoluOwau: I see
PoluOwau: so you’re in a movie?
PoluOwau: haha
TheLastStarFighter: lol, I take it you’ve never seen ‘The Last Starfighter’ then.
PoluOwau: no, I am enterally captured in a movie called “Office Space”
TheLastStarFighter: you’re prolly too young, it was oneof those classic feel good 80’s movies about a young guy from a trailer park who gets picked up by an alien and taken off to fight the war for good.
PoluOwau: I’m too young?!
TheLastStarFighter: yea
PoluOwau: hello, Mr. Starfighter, you’re only a year older than me
PoluOwau: don’t go playing old wise and better on me
TheLastStarFighter: LOL
TheLastStarFighter: well, it doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t see it 🙂
PoluOwau: well have you ever seen Tron?
TheLastStarFighter: only about 20 times
PoluOwau: what about The Great Beyond?
TheLastStarFighter: at least 5 times
PoluOwau: haha, LIAR!
PoluOwau: it doesn’t exist!
PoluOwau: haha
TheLastStarFighter: hahaha, now who is the evil one? I figured you’d do that anyways
PoluOwau: that doesn’t excuse you’re lying about it great one
TheLastStarFighter: My user supplied me with bad data!
PoluOwau: riiiight
PoluOwau: excuses excuses
PoluOwau: so how do I know you’ve actually seen Tron?
TheLastStarFighter: two words…
TheLastStarFighter: light cycles !!!!!!!!!!!!
PoluOwau: uh huh
PoluOwau: riiiight
TheLastStarFighter: best part of the whole movie
PoluOwau: okay, what about Space Camp?
TheLastStarFighter: sounds familiar…
TheLastStarFighter: that the one where the kids think they are going to space but they are in a simulator?
TheLastStarFighter: what about Explorers, you seen that?
PoluOwau: awhhh, is the alzhemiers setting in old one?
PoluOwau: nope, haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard of The Explorers
TheLastStarFighter: didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect those older and wiser than you?
PoluOwau: not just plain Explorers
PoluOwau: yea sure
TheLastStarFighter: I see
TheLastStarFighter: maybe I should have a little talk with your parents
PoluOwau: but to only grace it to those who don’t irk those younger than them
PoluOwau: riiiight
PoluOwau: oh wait, or was it aggrivate?
TheLastStarFighter: as opposed to….?
PoluOwau: what?
PoluOwau: opposed to what?
PoluOwau: there was no opposing in that verse
TheLastStarFighter: aggrivate as opposed to what?
PoluOwau: hmm
PoluOwau: interesting
PoluOwau: so this is all a farse?
PoluOwau: *hanging head* and to think I trusted you
PoluOwau: *sniffle*
PoluOwau: and it’s all a big joke
TheLastStarFighter: huh?
PoluOwau: :’C
TheLastStarFighter: watch the movie… I come back to earth 🙂
PoluOwau: but it’s a movie!!
PoluOwau: I thought you were a real starfighter
PoluOwau: I’m eternally trapped in “Office Space” and you’re stuck in fantasy computer video game land
TheLastStarFighter: think what you want
PoluOwau: oh that’s persuasive
PoluOwau: you’re slowly loosing my respect
PoluOwau: *loosing grip*
TheLastStarFighter: watch the movie, its very close to my story. maybe you will understand
PoluOwau: you really do have a way of making people feel inferior
TheLastStarFighter: lol, where the heck did that come from?
PoluOwau: “too young” “don’t understand”
TheLastStarFighter: hmmm, maybe its because you are? ever think of that huh?
PoluOwau: “respect those older and wiser”
PoluOwau: oh, that’s just great
TheLastStarFighter: that’s right, you should
PoluOwau: hmmm, yea, an attitude like that won’t inspire respect from very many people
TheLastStarFighter: bet you’d trip an old lady crossing the street too
TheLastStarFighter: LOL
PoluOwau: only if I thought it was you

TheLastStarFighter: hey look, I gotta jet to school
TheLastStarFighter: ttyl
TheLastStarFighter: 3:-0 mooooo
PoluOwau: bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you might fall and break a hip or something

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