Another valuable learning experience….

I also learned today that it takes talent and practice to kick your shoes from your feet, and successfully fling them into a cardboard box…from a swivel chair…in an ajoining office. I learned this as I was honing my shoe flinging skills in my brother’s office. The office chair was maxed out and over-extended because I had swiveled in it so much that I had pumped it to it’s max height, hehe, how will you ever know how heigh an office chair can go unless you try, right? So as I was teetering precariously in an over-extented swivel chair in my brother’s office, waiting for the room to stop spinning and regain my composure after an intense spinning session and I saw a cardboard box sitting across the way in the conference room. (actually at first I thought it was two boxes, but then my vision came back into alignment, hehe) I had taken my shoes off earlier in an attempt to increase my spinning abilities and reach maximum office chair velocity. Then the idea struck me, I wonder if I could make that shot? I was still too dizzy to reach down and toss the shoe with my hand, so naturally I grabbed it with my toes and flung it with my foot…ouch! Next thing I knew I was apologizing to a fellow secretery for nailing her in the shin with my shoe. Honestly it was an accident, that’s a sharp turn anyway…I didn’t see her coming, hehe. Anyhow, I think I’ve gotten better since this morning. However, now that I think about it…I should probably check and see what’s in the cardboard box, before I excel enough to actually make a shot…it does, after all, say in bold black marker on the side “HANDLE WITH CARE”. hehe

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