Aaaawwwhhhh, so sweet!

I just finished reading the sweetest book ever! I can’t wait to start the next one. It’s a series that Loreanne and Natalie have been reading and I now see why they love them so much. *sigh* It’s called “Until Tomorrow” by Robin Jones Gunn. If any guys out there decide to read it, TAKE NOTES!!! I know I was taking notes mentally as I read it. I was tempted to bust out my study pens and highlight a few things, but then I remembered that it wasn’t my book. hehe.
It’s weird, as I was reading it over the course of these past few days, a lot happened and I feel as though I’ve grown a lot. I mean, not all of it was directly connected with what I was reading, it just happened to be that all this stuff came collapsing down on me in the midst of my intense “easy reading” (as my best friend likes to put it, hehe).
All these years of hearing about going through the “years of transition”, it wasn’t until now that I have actually felt that shock of reality like you get from reaching for a doorknob after walking around in your socks all day on shag carpet.
It’s a combination of many things actually, that brought me crashing into this epiphany. Lately, I’ve come across so many signs drawing my attention towards the future. My brother had just put a down payment on a really nice apartment and he had been planning to move in by the 17th of this month! He also put a down payment on an engagement ring (and for those of you who know who he plans to propose to DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD!!!). The evening I spent with Brad, we talked about his future and he has it all planned out. I was so impressed that he felt God’s call so strongly and he knew exactly where he was headed. He’s already started a business and has plans to get involved in another one. By next summer, he’ll be going on business trips to Hawaii! In almost every aspect of life, I have felt a tug to sit down and evaluate myself and my future. (Oh, and by the way, for those of you who are wondering, my brother didn’t get the apartment, it turns out that he didn’t have enough money just yet *sniffle* Keep it in your prayers though!)
Last night after youth group, my brother and I went to the tennis courts and hit around until the lights shut off. It was great, I truely felt like I was in my element. I started thinking as I was hitting around, “I’m going to miss this so much when I go back to school…nobody else brings out this side in me like my brother or my best friend”.
In “Until Tomorrow”, Christy (the main character, whose telling the story) finds out that the major she had been persuing wasn’t really the direction she was being called towards. She didn’t get that energy from it like she did when she was doing other things within her gifts. She actually walked away from her days feeling drained. I began to apply that to my persute of journalism. My roommate can testify, that there were days when I would come back from spending hours in the Falcon office, and I would be absolutely drained and spent. Sometimes I’d go days with a feeling of discouragment, having turned in an article that I knew I could have done better on. But I just didn’t have the time because of other obligations. There were a lot of things that Christy and I had in common.
I almost feel like God deliberatly had Loreanne recommend this book to me to show me a glimpse of where I’m at now in my life. Besides being the same age, and being Christian, Christy and I share one other huge characteristic. We both overcommit ourselves and keep ourselves super busy. But, in addition to sharing so much in common, we have plenty of differences…one huge one being that she has an extrodinary guy in her life that has been helping her the whole time. He’s also the one that helped her make huge dicisions and keep her focus on God. But yea, I don’t have such a luxury, but I assume it’s for the best and I feel that God has placed other important people in my life to fill those supportive shoes. Also, Loreanne made a really good point about the guy, Todd, in the book…but I’ll let her tell you her insight if she feels like it. I don’t know that I have the privilage to disclose such amazing and wise insights. hehe. So yea, my mind is spinning too fast and I think I’m going to have to cut this entry off here before I get too carried away again. haha. I need a nap…or better yet, I need a nap for my mind. My body is fine, it’s my head that needs a rest *sigh* I wish I could get a fold out cot and take a little power nap. *nodding off into…head lowering to the desk top* nighty night, dear friends!

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