A wonderful concluding adventure…

Quinn took me to the A’s game last night. It was a lot of fun. His friend Shane was visiting and they are going to drive back to school together in a few days. So Shane came to the game too. In fact, he was quite a gentleman and he paid for my second ticket. Allow me to explain. We all had to buy our tickets again because Quinn accidently forgot the tickets at the house and we didn’t have time to drive all the way back to his house. He felt really bad about that. But I convinced him it was okay, they were only $7 tickets. hehe.
The game itself wasn’t exciting, but conversation is always a nice compensation. Quinn and I can always find something interesting to talk about. OH! and guess who threw the first pitch? Think of the coolest martial artist in the world…that’s right Jackie Chan!!!! I was so excited! I took lots of pictures and I got a Jackie Chan mask that I’m going to post on the wall in my dorm room. *really big smile*
I bet my roommate will love that…hehe.
After the game we went to In-N-Out. I showed the guys how In-N-Out has Bible verses on the bottom of their cups and I was encouraged when I heard Shane quote John 3:16 verbatim. I was like “That’s so cool to hear you say that!”. I know that a lot of people know that verse more than any other, but it’s still refreshing to hear it quoted by a stranger every once in a while. Ya know?
So this was the last time that Quinn and I will get to hang out this summer. I gave him a big hug when we said good-bye and I gave him my thank you note. He sent me an email that same night thanking me for the thank you note..hehe. How sweet. I hope we get to hang out more when we get back to Washington. It feels like I have to say good-bye everytime I get attached again. I hate that. I only got to see Jxxxx for one day before I had to say good-bye again. I mean, I still get to talk to him via email and AIM, but it’s not the same. I don’t know if I can say good-bye to Loreanne and all my other friends when I have to leave again. Sure I’ll get to see all my friends in Seattle, but I’ll always feel like I’m leaving someone behind. *sigh* Why can’t everyone just be within an hour’s drive from where ever I am? Well, I suppose that’s the way things go.
So anyway, I’m getting sleepy. I’m going to finish watching the new “Twighlight Zone”…neato. Later all my friends, till tomorrow!

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