Prophecxxx: perhaps greg should grow boobs to get slightly better attention from guys
Me: yikes
Me: I dunno
Prophecxxx: seems to work for girls…
Me: hmmm, wrong kind of attention
Me: what is so facinating about boobs anyway?
Prophecxxx: I dunno
Me: I don’t get it and I never will
Prophecxxx: I’m not that facinated by them either but lot of guys are
Prophecxxx: I’m like “eh” *poke poke* “whatever”
Me: yuck
Me: guys are weird
Prophecxxx: lol no that would just be me
Prophecxxx: I and don’t go around poking boobs… usually
Prophecxxx: I poke my own a lot but… nevermind
Me: ummm, riiiight
Me: haha

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One Response to “Yikes….”

  1. trademehalos says:

    You should come back home for this 😛

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