Yay Concert!

Wow! I went to the coolest concert Saturday night. Weezer, Sparta and one of my all time favorites Dashboard Confessional! We started off the evening with a hotdog and fish bbq at Quinn’s place. From there we went to the concert and I got a Weezer t-shirt for Lance (which I think he’ll like a lot…well, I think it’ll look good on him anyway) Then after the concert…you’ll never guess what happened..hehe…I was walking out and there, just chillin’ and watching the people walk by was Mike Marks, the drummer for Dashboard Confessional! I was like, dude, nobody even notices him sitting there! So I walked up and sat next to him and was like “hey, what’s up?” and we had a nice little conversation. Soooo awesome
but I was sooo sad because I didn’t have anything for him to sign and I didn’t have a pen! bummer! I was soooo sad after that. Plus, I didn’t get a chance to buy the Dashboard Confession t-shirt I wanted super bad! Double bummer! But I’ve slowly gotten over it.
Yesterday my parents left for Vegas and I went with Heather to a going away party for one of her friends because she didn’t want to go alone and my brother was being a poopey pants. For some reason (I’m not sure why), he was really cranky yesterday. Anyhow, the party was nice, but we didn’t stay long because Heather wasn’t feeling so good. She’d just gotten her wisedom teeth out on Monday. She even kept her teeth! She was showing everyone at the party, haha.
Last night I had my friend Jon over and his new friend Heather. Super cool girl, I like her a lot. She’s from San Diego and he’s from Berkley and we all go to wonderful SPU! Hooray! Anyway, they had never seen Braveheart all the way through before so we sat and watched that and pretty much just chilled. I was glad to have some company because my bro, the other Heather, Billy and his new gf Kelly all went to the city for a night on the town. I wasn’t invited. *huff* Well, I probably would have felt like a fifth wheel anyway. But it was really good to see Jon again. I didn’t fully realize till last night, how much I had missed him.
Tonight hopefully Jon and I are going to go see Signs. I love that movie so I have no problem paying $9 to see it again. It’s kind of weird seeing so many Mel Gibson movies in a row. Trippy. But if the plans for tonight fall through, Brad asked me to hang out tonight as well. He got home yesterday or the day before, I’m not sure. Anyway, he IMed me yesterday before Jon and Heather came over and was like “hey, I’m heading over to a friend’s house, but I just wanted to let you know I was home. Maybe we can go see something tomorrow night, I’ll give you a call.” And just like that he signed off before I could even say hi. Oh well, whatever happens I know I’ll have fun.

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4 Responses to “Yay Concert!”

  1. tikijam says:

    no fairrrr!?!?!?!
    awww! sarah i wanted to go see weeeeeeeeeeeeezer! im all jealous now! hehe but glad you had a good time, and even if i have mixed feelings about dashboard confessional, thats cool you got to meet the drummer 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    The $9 movie
    Man, every time I go to the movies it feels like I’m buying twenty dollars worth of lottery tickets for a jackpot worth nothing. I’ve never experienced such a futile waste of money before. Let’s compare my last trip to the movies with my last trip to Dizzyland. At the movie, I payed three dollars to park (it’s La Jolla, what do you expect?) At Dizzyland, I paid nothing because I have a season pass. At the movie, I paid $8.75 for a ticket. At Dizzyland, nothing. At the movie, I paid $7.50 for some popcorn and a Coke. At Dizzyland, I pushed a kid into the bushes and took his popcorn and a Coke. There were too many people around to notice. In total, I spent $19.25 at the theater for two hours worth of (possible) entertainment. At Dizzyland, I spent nothing and yet was able to get my picture taken with a super-hot Princess Aurora. See? Movies suck. They’re not even worth taking a girl to anymore. The girl will be so taken aback at your rampant money spending that she’ll dump you for a more sensible guy who takes her to the park. Lastly, the only thing “Minority” about the movie I saw was Tom Cruise (for being 4’2″).

  3. sarahmadson says:

    Re: The $9 movie
    Haha, I only have one thing to say…technically, if you factor in all possibilities about Dizzyland, about stealing popcorn and coke from the kid. You lucked out, the kid’s mom might have come after you resulting in one, (if not both) consequinces. #1 – the kid’s mom opens “the can” and sends you bleeding to the hospital to rack up an ungodly number of medical bills or #2 – she skips the beating and takes your white butt to court, haha. But, you never know, it’s just a thought. hehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: The $9 movie
    Ok, ok, so I didn’t really push a kid into the bushes. Geesh. I was just trying to sidestep the fact that the coke and popcorn at Dizzyland would have cost $42, thus negating my point. Thank you miss “I have to think everything through to exploit my friends.”

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