Too much on my mind…this will have to do for now…

Hello again. Unfortunatly I’m battling a cold so I’m not up to writing too much like I normally do. So until I regain my strength and wits, this fun little questionare will have to do. Enjoy!

1) Name: Sarah
2) Birthday: July 8
3) Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4) sex: female
5) What Time Is It? midnight
Last Person Who……
6) you Called – Brad
7) Slept In Your Bed- me and my kitties
8) Saw You Cry- no one ever sees me cry…so I don’t remember
9) Made You Cry- Jeff
10) Spent The Night At Your House- Loreanne
11) You Shared A Drink With- I don’t drink…but I shared my water bottle with Wally the other day.
12) You Went To The Movies With- Jon and Drew
13) You Went To The Mall with- myself
14) Yelled At You- I dunno…probably one of my parents
15) Sent You An Email- *sniffle* nobody

Have you Ever…

16) Taken A Picture Of Yourself With A Milk Mustache And Sent It to The Milk People- nope
17) Said I Love You to someone And meant it? yes…family or friends…but not someone I was in love with…since I haven’t been yet I don’t think.
18) Gotten Into A Fight With Your Dog/Cat/Bird/Fish/Etc.? ummm…if that means biting and scratching for play…then I guess yea.
19) Been To New York? I hope to sometime soon!
20) Been To Florida? I wish…
21) California? hmmm gee…I only live here, haha.
22) Hawaii? A bunch
23) Mexico? A few times
24) China? nope
25) Canada? Not yet!
26) Danced Naked? Not really….haha
27) dreamed Something Really Crazy And Then It Happens The Next Day? yup
28) Stalked Someone? uhm…no.
29) Had A Mud Bath? nope
30) Wished You Were The Opposite Sex? Only for the lack of the whole period and cramps ordeal, otherwise no.
31) Had An Imaginary Friend? Not that I can really remember…
32) What time is it? 10:06pm
33) apples Or bananas? Apples…fo sho!
34) Red Or Blue? blue!
35) Backstreet Boys Or N Sync? neither
36) WalMart or target: WalMart, unless Target is closer…
37) Spring Or fall? spring…sunshine and fun times!
38) Santa Or Rudolph? neither
39) Math Or English? English
40) What Are You Going To Do After You Finish This Survey? post it on lj and…sit here some more and day dream about cool stuff
41) What Was The Last Food You Ate? Life cereal…yummy
42) High School Or College? College
43) Are You Bored? Not really
44) How Many Of Your Buddies are on? 14
45) Last Movie You Saw? In the theatre – “Signs” for the second time WOO! Right now – “Kate and Leopold”
46) Last Noise You Heard: muffled sounds of the TV downstairs

47) Laughs The Weirdest? My mom
48) Will Grow Up And Be A Model? Quinn
49) Going To Have The Most Kids? Loreanne
50) Have You Known The Longest? Loreanne
51) Loudest? My roommate, Sarah W. or Emily
52) Is The Quietest? Anu
53) Do You Have The Most Classes with? no school during summer!
54) Will Fill This Out And Send It Back The Soonest? It’s not in my email, soooo…no one.
55) Who Is The Funniest? They all are pretty funny…heh
56) Who Is The Moodiest? My brother

About Your Friends:
57) Who Can You Tell Most Of Your Secrets to: probably any of them…they’re my friends because I trust them
58) Who Do You Usually Go To About All Of Your Problems: Loreanne, my brother, my mom or dad.

The Last Few Questions
60) Last Time You Went Out Of State: when I was at school
61) Lucky #’(s): not sure, but I like the number 8
62) Things You Like In A Girl/Guy?: honesty, love for music, sense of humor, smiles often, respects people, gets along with family, likes kids, thinks I’m funny :P, can relate to me and the things I like, smart (but not geeky smart), teases me but won’t seriously make fun of me, thinks it’s okay to be spoiled, has good but sensible taste, spontaneous but not outrageous, wise, someone I can learn from as well as teach him stuff too, laughs at himself for his mistakes rather than being uptight about it, likes to write, goof around, etc, etc etc.
63) Weirdest Thing About You? Is there anything that isn’t weird about me?
64) Do you have crush on someone? sorta
65) Do they have a crush on you? Don’t know
*What Do You Think About Ouija Boards? Evil, tools of the devil.
*What Book Are You Reading Now? Many different ones. Just finished one too.
*What’s On Your Mouse Pad? well…I mostly use my laptop…but my my desk top pad has a kitten on it sprawled out in a hammock…super cute.
*Favorite Board Game: anything that makes you think
*Favorite Magazine: TIME
*Favorite Sound: music, the sound of my best friend’s laugh (it’s beautiful), waves crashing against the shore, purring kitties…
*Worst Feeling In The World: losing someone, regret, walking away from something when you know you could have done more or could have done better.
*What Is The First Thing You Think When You Wake In The Morning? It’s not always the same thing…but a lot of times it’s “what time is it?” or “Man, it was just a dream”
*Do you like Scary or Exciting Roller Coasters? Yes
*How Many Rings Before You Answer? However many it takes me to get to the phone, usually no more than three.
*Future Daughter’s Name: Alexanderia (then I’d call her Alex), or some sort of girl’s name that shortens into a cute guy name. But I don’t really know
*Future Son’s Name: Blaine, Isaac… I don’t really know
*Chocolate Or Vanilla? vanilla
*Do You Sleep With A Stuffed animal? sometimes
*If You Could Have Any Job You Wanted, What Would It Be? A well known journalist and photographer.
*What Is Your Favorite Snapple? strawberry kiwi, peach ice tea
*Are You A Lefty, Righty, Ambidextrous? righty
*Do You Type With Your Fingers On The Right Keys? yes
*What’s Under Your Bed? stuff. Or sometimes my kitty.
*Favorite Sport To Watch? Tennis


Been so drunk you blacked out: no
Taken any illegal substances: nope
Set any body part on fire: uhm…no.
Won any awards: yes
Killed anybody: dumb question…no
Kept a secret from someone: of course
Had an imaginary friend: not that I can remember..probably
Been in love: almost
Cried during a movie: once
Had a crush on a teacher: a little one…didn’t last very long though
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: Com’on! Kung fu Marathon…duh!
Prank called someone: yes
Been fired from a job: no


Who is your most shy friend?: Anu
Best friend?: Loreanne and my bro
Girlfriend/Boyfriend?: nope


Cried: a little
Cut your hair: yes
Worn a skirt: yes
Been mean: shamefully – I’m afraid so
Been sarcastic: only every day of my existence
Been overjoyed to see someone: yup
Talked to someone you have a crush on: yes
Missed someone: yes
Hugged someone: yes
Kissed someone: nope
Fought with your parents: not much
Wished upon a star: yup
Laughed until you cried: probably
Played truth or dare: nope
Watched a sunrise/sunset: yeah
Gone to the beach at night: no
Spent quality time alone: all the time; sometimes I don’t have a choice
Eaten dinner: every night (almost)
Gone out lately: a lot
Are you lonely: sometimes
Are you happy: I can’t complain
Are you talking to someone online: no


God/devil: yes
Love: yes
The closet monster: once
Love at first sight: it’s infatuation at first sight kids
Heaven/hell: yes
Superstitions: no

I Hurt: inside sometimes
I Love: my friends and family
I Hate: when people chew with their mouths open…or smack gum…especially during a movie! So rude!
I Cry: not too often…and only when no one is watching
I Fear: losing my friends and family
I Hope: for the best, but always prepare for the worst
I Feel: different
I Kill: big ugly flies
I Talk: to people…all the time
I Listen: to my friends
I Break: hearts sometimes, but not on purpose!
I Am: who I am and that’s all that I am and if I am supposed to be somebody else, why do I look like me? – Benjamin Franklin
I Work: too much
I Remember: what I was and what I could have been
I Hold: onto things I shouldn’t
I Hide: who I really am
I Pray: all the time
I Walk: to get away and clear my mind
I Drive: an ’95 Explorer Sport
I Read: all the time
I Burn: candles
I Breathe: the fresh sweet air of home
I Play: whenever I can
I Miss: the past
I Touch: the heart’s of other people, or at least I hope so…
I Learn: something new all the time
I Feel: like I’m forgetting something
I Know: my dreams can come true
I Dream: of what could be and what might be
I Have: more than I can ever hope for
I Want: to find my way
I Feel: unlike myself
I Wait: for love
I Need: my friends and family always
I Live: in California
I Die: inside when I hurt.

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3 Responses to “Too much on my mind…this will have to do for now…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    Sarah I think you cheated your way through a lot of those answers…I recognize quite a few from my journal 😉 But since you were tired I’ll let you get away with it 😛 I miss youuuu!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I know the problem
    Sarah, or Saran (whichever it is), perhaps the problem with you not getting any emails is that your Hotmail box is FULL!!! If you’d empty it, perhaps more emails would be arriving. I dunno just a guess. Oh I also admire your honesty in answering those mundane questions. I would have been less patient.
    For example:
    Have you been convicted of any crimes?: Not convicted
    What is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you?: I wish I knew. Probably that my fly is down or something.
    If you were to have lunch with three people of your choice, who would they be?: Three people who don’t ask hypothetical questions.
    What are some of your lifelong goals?: living life, long.

  3. sarahmadson says:

    I miss you too! Actually, I missed you so much that I’ve read over your entire live journal twice. So ya, and plus, sometimes you just have a way of saying things that is so well put that you just can’t say them better any other way. But for the record I do plan on doing this again…maybe even changing the questions a bit too, just for fun!

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