I’m sorry to say that the commute this morning wasn’t as exciting as it usually is. So I don’t have any new adventures to share.
Yesterday only one girl showed up to my Bible study, because all the other girls are at camp over at Hume Lake this week. It was great though because I took her shopping and we went out to eat afterward. We had lots of fun looking for accessories for the super devoted girls in the group. Since the group is called ‘W.O.C.’ (pronounced like ‘walk’) which stands for Women On Call, I bought a bunch of blank dog tags and the girls are going to be able to decorate them next week with their initials, a cross, and the letters W.O.C. and of course I bought some extra fun colored stones and beans and stuff. It’ll be fun to see what they create.
As far as what’s been going on here at work… Soliette, the secretary that got mad and walked out, still isn’t back. I’m not really sure when or if she’s coming back. I talked to her secretly yesterday when she called. I sweet talked her and told her how much we need her to come back to the office and stuff. I basically told her the truth, because we really do need her! I miss her. It’s supposed to be really really really hot today and I forgot to bring my sweater. If you think that sounds ridiculous allow me to explain. Our AC is ALWAYS on. And it’s ALWAYS and ice box in the office. So I usually wear a sweater or jacket when I work. Fortunately for me though, I keep a blanket in the back of my car. (you know, just in case, haha…you never know when a picnic or sun lounging is suddenly necessary, hehe) So here I sit, wrapped in a mexico blanket…typing my update, I imagine it’s a rather funny picture.
This weekend is going to be jam packed with good times! Tomorrow is the Weezer concert and Dashboard Confessional is opening. Today my friend Jon is coming down to visit home from Seattle. I’m super excited about that. Today is also payday, hooray!
Within the past few days we’ve had a lot of interviews going to hire new crew people. So far I’ve heard that we’re for sure hiring two guys. One of them rides a Yamaha! Soooo coooool! And I haven’t seen or really heard the other guy, but apparently he’s a boy wonder, I’m not sure. *shrugs*
Well, I know this update has just been so exciting and interesting that it’s just overwhelming for you.*sarcasm* I suppose this is where I should plug in my disclaimer. hehe. Or maybe just a sincere apology for my lack of adventures. Oh, well, then again….don’t fret. Really….stop fretting. I’ll make up for it. I’d hate for any of my dedicated readers to walk away from this deprived of their daily dose of corniness. Trust me, by the time my lunch break rolls around, I will have gathered my thoughts enough to update you on all the random day dreaming I do during my working hours of mindless secretary monotony. Come to think of it, I have been day dreaming a lot lately. *laughing to self, recalling latest train of thought about being on the Tonight Show after becoming famous for starting up a drive-through health food restauraunt and grocery with other conveniences* I’ll explain in my next entry if I remember to. Till then…use your imagination! haha.

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3 Responses to “Subject”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bible groups
    I’m part of a group called M.A.D. Stands for: Man Are we Desperate. All we do is ride our sport bikes and drive our sports cars and complain about how women don’t like a guy with an IQ, and education, or potential.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: Bible groups
    Haha, Dude! I’ll soooo hang out with your M.A.D. group! I wanna ride on a sport bike…even if I am just riding on the back of one instead of driving one. hehe. I’ll hook you up with some friends or something…really….and then we’ll see if girls don’t care about I.Q. or potential.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re: Bible groups
    It’s a deal.

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