Well, I’m back at work and already I think I broke something. While this computer seems to be working fine, the color is a bit off. (Actually the color is completely messed up and I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty sure I broke it). Oops! Other than that, this morning has been sunny and the faces have been cheery. The commute was amazing this morning! I was so suprised, it only took us 45 minutes to get to work this morning.
I just went out to the Godfather (the roach coach guy) to get my usual watermelon plate. We call him the godfather because his horn is the tune of the godfather movie. And, once again I was suprised because he didn’t make me pay as much as usual. It seems like I pay a different price every morning. But I never worry about it, as long as he doesn’t go over $4. I’m proud of myself because this morning when my brother went to turn the radio to 104.9 fm, I stopped him and explained to him my music fast. So he was nice about it and let me listen to 100.7 – The Bridge. A very wholesom but fuzzy Christian station. I would have listened to Classical 102.1, but I didn’t want my bro to fall asleep at the wheel.
Well, it’s almost 9am and I have been trying this new exercise to firm up my abs. I figure if I’m not going to do anything constructive and I’ve lost interest in my magic 76 ball, I might as well try and work myself back into shape. Oh by the way, the Magic 76 Ball told me this morning that I wasn’t going to do anything constructive today and it said ‘absolutely’ when I asked it if I was going to be bored. I also asked it if our head secretary, Soliette, was going to be a superstar and it said ‘Dream on’ and she was upset so I put the ball away. *yikes, bad question*.
Anyhow, to work my abs I have devised a number of fun exercises to do in the office. Please note that these entertaining exercises can also be done in a classroom setting, but be warned that the result may not only be the firming of abs, but the loss of friends too.
The first one that I’ve been doing is the autistic rock.
Sit straight up in chair and let your arms drop loosely at your sides. Slowly start rocking front and back. Eventually work yourself into a rythm and you can even start chanting something cheerful to keep your pace steady or simply to set a mood for yourself. Make it fun!
So I was doing this when I was sitting in the conference room and man are my abs sore! It works! And I had fun seeing all the reactions from my co-workers.
So those of you that try it – let me now how it works out for you! Success stories are always an encouragement to read after a long pointless day at work.

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