Music Hiatus…

Ok, so I’ve been thinking a lot more *suprise*. On my way to the bank to deposit my cash I started thinking about this past weekend. On sunday when I spent the day with my grandma, I was reminded of a lot of important things that I had forgotten. *Confession Time* Lately I have been letting a lot of wordly things get the better of me. I haven’t been very strong in standing up against little compromises. Those of you that know me very well, (what am I saying, is there anyone reading this that doesn’t already know me pretty well? haha) know that I hate being weak, I am not very comfortable with vulnerability. Anyhow, I’ve been letting music, movies and media take over my life. All day at work I sit and listen to the radio; after work I get in my car and listen to the radio or a cd all the way through commute; when I get home I change into my comfortable clothes (usually old Abercrombie & Fitch or Aeropostal or somthing of that nature) and I get ready to chill with my brother and his gf and watch a movie, or make dinner. Sometimes if I have talked to a friend earlier that day or week, I might have plans to go see a movie or go to a concert or even just hang out and rent a movie. I’ve come to realize after spending a ‘almost-music-and-movie-free’ day with my grandma that I have let those things take over my life. My relationship with God has not been nearly as strong as my relationship with music or movies and I feel like such a fool for letting it get to this point. What triggered all of this was a phrase that has been running through my head ever since my grandma said it to me. Until now it’s sort of been a cliche. As I was driving us back to her place from visiting the work site of my aunt and uncles new estate I was talking with my grandma about how amazing that place was going to be. She was telling me about how far they’ve come from back in the day when they were first married and my aunt would make one big pot of soup and buy one loaf of french bread to last them for the week. Then see said something to this extent “You’d be suprised how much God can bless you when you really truely make Him the center of your life.” I think she might have said it in better words than that, but it’s really what she was saying, not how she said it that stuck with me. (heh, you know you’ve really impacted someone deep down when they remember the meaning of what you said rather than the words you used to say it). But yea, that’s been weighing heavily on my heart, almost moreso than ‘summer fever’. That mood has been pleuging me since I’ve come home! Which reminds me of some super cool information my mom told me about the other night. *claps* I’m soooo excited! I hope it works out, well actually I can’t say much about it because he hasn’t directly told me anything, I got the news from my mom. She said he called her at work to ask about it! But that’s all I can say because I have no idea if he’s reading this or not. hehe. But I can tell you this much, I might be going to see a production I have been dying to see since I first heard about it! *jumpig up and down* But once again, I can’t get my hopes up. Because I’m not sure if he’s even considering taking me or not. I have to remember that God blesses those who focus completely on Him. And in an effort to completely sumbit to that idea, I’m going on a music fast…sorta. I’m going to listen to nothing except music that doesn’t have words for a whole week. Which means I will be strictly an avid listener of soundtracks and classical music. I’ve already been doing this since yesterday and it’s hard! But I feel that I have to work my way up to the point I want to be at very slowly. I can’t eliminate movies too fast or I might go into withdrawls. So it’s sorta like I’m going on a hiatus from music. Well, I’ll stop here and continue with the laundry…*dryer beeping*…yea yea Cinderella is coming…

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