I DON’T Want to be like Jessica Simpson….

Thank the Lord, I got to stay home today to try and finish some laundry. Even though I still have to work, I’m glad I got to sleep in. Oh my goodness, just guess how late I slept in! I feel like such a bum! I slept in until almost 2! I feel like I sorta wasted a day, but I’m not regreting it too much. haha. So after I threw a load in the wash and *gasp* had a cupcake for breakfast, I turned on the TV and plopped down on the couch like the lazy bum that I am. I was watching the making of a music video on MTV (which in itself is kinda weird because I rarely ever watch MTV) and that show was cool, I’ve watched it a couple times before. But then this rediculous excuse for a TV show came on…it’s called the Wannabe Show and all these girls were trippin’ out about trying to be Jessica Simpson. They were all screaming “I want to be the next Jessica Simpson!” and I was just thinking “Why can’t they just be happy about being the beautiful women that they are?” It was just ridiculous. So I changed laundry loads and folded clothes during that show and here I am now, watching Road Rules. Once again I’m thinking, this is ridiculous….so much drama. I kinda want to try being on Road Rules just to show them that all their little squabbles are lame. But anyway, perhaps I’m just jealous because I don’t have enough petty squabbles in my life. I dunno, sometimes I wish I could be in the spotlight like that, doing something well and having people cheer me one for some great cause. But on the other hand, I don’t know if I could pull my weight in a situation like that, so yea, I’m not sure, whatever. I wouldn’t mind being on SNL, because I could meet Jimmy Falon, hehe. But yea, the chances of that ever happening are about the same as meeting a mullet wearing gargoyle with integrity that’s bigger than his biceps. *sigh* haha. Well, once again I’m hoping that a certain someone will call to hang out tonight. I don’t think they are aware of who they are and I’m not even sure they read this journal. I’ve showed it to them, but yea, they’ve probably been super busy because they just started school yesterday, so I’m not getting my hopes too high. Anyhow, I’m off to go deposit four weeks worth of paychecks, yippi!

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One Response to “I DON’T Want to be like Jessica Simpson….”

  1. Gargoyle hope!
    Personally, I think you will meet ‘a mullet wearing gargoyle with integrity that’s bigger than his biceps’…don’t give up hope! You should probably add him to your list just incase. I’ll keep my eye out for one, and if I see one, I will send him your way…

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