Here I am….once again…

Well, here I sit again…bored. I’ve already cleaned the crew coffee area three times, cut out the little phone tab labels, wiped down my desk, played with my radio antena to see which position gets the best reception and sorted out the supplies cabinets (both of them). Hmmmm…I wonder what other anal organizing I can do around here?
The commute this morning was terrible (no, like more terrible than normal). There was an accident on the freeway and everybody and their mom had to stop and look. arrrrggghh! It’s soooo stupid! It’s like, com’on people, if you want to see an accident up close go rent Red Asphault 3 or something, but please don’t waste my time and don’t make me late to work! And then, what’s worse is that I didn’t have any cash in my wallet for the bridge toll, so I was counting out nickles and dimes (and if I was lucky I found some quarters too) from my change jar while I was approaching the bridge toll plaza. I felt so bad for the guy who had to count out my handful of change, haha. Oh well. It’s funny to look at people while you’re driving…I saw this guy playing his guitar! Then there was this other guy who had his drum sticks out and he was bustin’ out a beat on his steering wheel. haha. Then of course there were the usual nose pickers, news paper readers, breakfast eaters, shavers and make-up putter-oners. haha. It’s always a fun activity to pass the time.
Oh great…just learned that our water is going to be shut off all day. blah. They’re like “K people! Go to the bathroom now or you’ll be forced to resort to the gas station restrooms across the street.” Yuck!
Oh boy! I found a happy meal toy! It’s kinda lame though. It’s a figure of Eric the starfish from Spongebob Squarepants. He has a little water game on his back, fun fun fun!
Hmmm…perhaps I can go throw it at my brother, hehe. Oh! You know what the Punk did?! He set up a tiny mirror on his door frame so I can’t sneak up on him any more! That’s sooo not fair, I’ve lost my upper hand. *pouts* Oh well, this just gives me a greater challenge to overcome. hahaha. I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge. If all else fails, I can always revert back to my “run-super-super-fast” technique. hehe.

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3 Responses to “Here I am….once again…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the love of God!
    Don’t cut your hair! That’s the absolute worst thing a pretty girl can do, especially when she’s blonde. The “boy” look just doesn’t do it for a lot of guys, myself included. Girls should have long, pretty, alluring hair; something for us to play with.
    PS If you already cut your hair, please disregard the above statements.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: For the love of God!
    Haha! Alright alright, I won’t cut it any shorter. I promise. haha. Thanks for the tip though…I’ll keep it in mind for future refrence!

  3. mptphlosofer says:

    Re: For the love of God!
    Hey, this just goes to show I do read my friend’s postings. Although I’m really slow and haven’t been at my computer enough lately- I think its becoming jealous of my real life friends. Well anyways, I’ve read all your postings now, although its 2:08 am and I’m really tired after a full 8 hour day working with a cold. Well anyways enough excuses. Looking forward to seeing you soon in CV (CV, yeah, you know it CV aaaah yeah!). Aaaanyways, its late and I think the tylenol extra strength cold and flu is startin ta work 🙂

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