Electric massage chair thingy…

You know, I have a very interesting family. I’m still sitting here at work and I had just finished posting my last entry when I hear this strange humming noise. I figured it was my brother. We have been sharing a desk ever since I got kicked out of my cubical *sniffle*. I look over at him and he’s sitting there sorta bouncing in his seat grinning his silly nine-year-old grin. haha, then he says to me “I’m pretending that I’m getting a massage from my chair..you know, like those electric chair massaging thingys.” HAHAHA. And he kept humming. You know what else, it really did sound like one of those electric chair massagers. Like the ones you find in Brookstone at the mall…you’re feet are tired from walking all day in the mall and so where do you go? To Brookstone naturally! And then you chill in one of the fancy high tech massaging office chairs that are priced so high you know that the only people who actually own one of those are rich monopoly running tycoons, like the founder of McDonald’s or the guy who invented Post-It notes. Anyhow, my brother just now powered down his chair massager…he actually made the ‘power-down’ noise and turned the knob on his imaginary remote control. HAHA, I wish everyone else could have great comedy relief like this in their offices. I wonder if all brothers are like my brother? Do they all have a tendency to echo strange noises that they randomly hear? Like when they hear a dog barking, do they always bark back? Do they all giggle when they watch cartoons on Saturday afternoon, even when nobody is there to giggle with them? Do they all wrestle with kitties and usually end up loosing on the family room floor with a mouth full of fur? I wonder if they all pinch their mouths and make funny faces and weird squirting noises while they stare and the computer screen? Do all brothers open the tissue after blowing a heinously gross nose full, and look at their snot? Do they all call you other to check out the unusual color of it? Hmmmm…*thinking real hard*….I wonder….*watching brother sqeeze his cheeks in to make a fish face while staring intently at the computer screen*

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