Cheese-Its for breakfast…..

Good morning all! Commute wasn’t that bad this morning, but driving it was! I had the hardest time staying awake at the wheel and my brother was just snoring away in the passengers side. *grrrr* We resolved some of my frustrations with him yesterday. But I was still cooling down a bit. Anyway, while he snored and slept like a baby…I cranked up the radio and turned up the AC to try and keep myself awake. I was soooo scared! It figures that the one morning where commute is light, my eyelids are heavy. I walked into the office this morning with red cheeks because I had literally been slapping my face to keep myself awake. (Yea, it was pretty bad).
Besides that, the morning has been really slow as usual. I bought a box of Slim-Fast off of my brother for $5 because I didn’t have a chance to get to Walmart and buy it myself. Now, I know that those of you reading this who know me really well are thinking “Why in the world is she drinking Slim-Fast?! She’s going to kill herself, she needs to be eating big tubs of lard every morning if anything!”. Well, allow me to explain myself. I drink Slim-Fast in the morning to make sure I get all my vitamins and such. Sometimes I have one with something else like a bagel or whatever. But I assure you I’m not on the Slim-Fast diet. Although everyone else in the office is. haha. I sat and wrote my name on all the cans with a Sharpe marker before I put them in the refrigerator. That’s how bad it is…there have been some pretty nasty brawls since the diet craze started in the office. “Who’s been drinking my Slim-Fast?! *grrrrrr*It was you! You’ve been in my stuff haven’t you?!!! *punch punch, scratch, bite*” yea, it’s pretty ugly. So for breakfast this morning I had a pack of somewhat stale Cheese-It’s and I’m waiting for my French Vanilla Slim-Fast to get cold enough in the freezer. Sounds like a yummy breakfast eh? I hate the after taste that Cheese-It’s leave in your mouth, yuck!
Last night I had a great conversation with Juan. He’s back in Seattle *sigh*. I’m sad about that. And now Loreanne is in school *sigh*. So now she’s going to be busy with homework all the time. Anyhow, I was feeling a bit discouraged last night about stuff in general and Juan let me vent to him. What a pal! Then my buddy Tim called and his friends dropped him off at my place to chill for a while. My bro, Heather, Tim and I watched Enemy of the State and then I took Tim home. Tim’s a nice guy. He always has been. I really like his family too, it’s always a blast to hang out with them. Anyhow, it’s going to be another exciting *cough cough* day in the office. Especially now that the parents are back! oh boy! Well, I think I’m going to get back to my scrap booking. fun fun fun. Later folks!

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