Bummer for me, I can’t remember a single thing that I had planned to write about. *sigh*. I am struggling right now on the mental level. I can’t seem to think of any good issues to talk about. I’m sure that once I’m in bed tonight and half asleep, a really good topic will come to me and most likely I’ll lean over on the edge of my bed, gropeing for a pencil and paper to write it down, reach over to turn on the lamp next to my bed only to remember when it doesn’t switch on that the light bulb is burned out, so then I squint and struggle to see in the pitch blackness and I scribble it down and then I’ll probably tell myself that it’s no problem that I’ll still remember it in the morning and the next morning I’ll wake up and kick myself because I can’t read the scribble that I wrote, I can’t remember what I was trying to write or why I was writing it and I had forgotten that I can’t remember stuff very well. But, so it goes. hehe.

Yes Yes, and shame on me for not thinking of some good entertaining and witty remarks that you could comment on, I know, I’m slowly deteriorating in the wit category. My once notable sharpness is dulling to that of a butter knife. My whole personality and God given skill for an amusing written word is melting away from lack of practice due to a devistating case of writter’s block. My only purpose in life, the only gift I have to offer for the service of God has lost all utility. Alas, that this fair hand should never hold a scripting utencil again. Whoa that I may never spill my thoughts on a handsom piece of parchment, whoa, to all that walk by with down cast eyes and still manage to glower upon me, peircing my heart with shame and draining it’s lifeless cast of all the pride that once gave it a beating life. Oh, Lord save my wretched soul from this over-ridden disgrace!

Well, I think I’m done now! Have a nice day!

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One Response to “Bummer…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    funny how we both wrote about things we talked about tonight…grr at forgetting good thoughts! and grr at having them at inopportune times like when you’re half awake in bed! and lol…nice bible verse entry there…(P.S. I think woah is supposed to be woe…woah is used more like “woah! dude that’s cool!” sounds like a surfer term)

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