As promised….sorta

Alright, I promised before that I would post an update from where I left off on the last super, ridiculously long entry (of which nobody commented on because I can only assume nobody read all the way through it…which is perfectly understandable). Anyhow, I’m going to try and make this one not as long as the others. But I can’t make any promises.
So I the day I left off on was Monday. That night I went to work at A&F to put in my all-night shift. It was actually refreshing to be back in such a social environment where I feel useful. There are sooooo many cute new clothes this season! But I was strong and I kept myself from buying anything. I had two exciting things happen that night. One was when I met a girl named Jessica. Super sweet and fun girl. We were talking about hours and stuff and we were comparing schedules. I was explaining my hectic work life and I mentioned my Bible study. She perked up when I mentioned that and she was asking all these questions about it and about how to teach a Bible study. I was soooo jazzed! I invited her to come join us on thursday nights and I think she just might come! The second exciting thing was a decision I made that I want to start making my own scarf. I used to knit when I was younger, but I really want to re-teach myself. I figure it’s a practical skill to have especially since I’ll be living in Seattle for the majority of the next three years. But yea, I came to this conclusion as I was looking at the new scarfs that A&F just got in stock. They’re really cute but the prices (naturally) are kinda steep.
Tuesday was weird but great. I woke up before my alarm clock and decided I’d go for a nice long jog. It was such a beautiful day! So I got up, woke my parents up and found out that I didn’t even have to go to work that day! My brother was assigned the duty of keeping an eye on the plaster guys, so he didn’t go to work either. So I went on my nice long jog and by the time I got back my brother was awake and we decided to wash our cars. My car was filthy! I turned the hose on it and you could literally see the dirt dripping off. After washing my car I went out to Target to look for a pompazon. My roommate and I have really been wanting one of those, they’re so neat! I heard they had them at Target for $40! Which is awesome considering normally they’re in the hundreds. While at Target I bought three little boy shirts that are super cute and I got my pompazon. Only I found out later that it wasn’t really a pompazon, but more like a smaller, cheaper imitation, but it works just the same. After running a few more arens I came home and met Loreanne at my house and we went with my bro to visit Heather and see her new dorm room. We met her roommates, went to Coldstone, played cards and ordered pizza for dinner. It was fun. I enjoyed seeing a campus other than my own and seeing the differences in living conditions.
Wednesday was long. Work was slow. But things picked up after work. My brother and I had an intense conversation on the way home. Very heated. I went to church and saw my girls. They had pizza and all this food! It was Jason’s last night as jr.high pastor, it was sad. He gave a very passionate last message. Jxxx was there too and he presented Jason with an original page out of one of the oldest most historic Bibles and the page contained his life verse. It was so awesome! After youth group (and resisting all that yummy food!) I went and met up with Lance and Loreanne to play some night tennis!!! Oh it was so much fun! We’re going to go play again tonight! I’m super excited. Oh and that night Lance gave me a gift that he got for me when he was on his trip to Maui! He got me a hawaiian wrap, a vine lei and a little coconut clip to go with the lei. Isn’t that sweet?! I love Lance, he’s the coolest. So we played tennis until the court lights went out.
Thursday was exciting. We got news of a great blessing. The office and warehouse building next door is like three times the size of the building we’re in now. We’ve been looking for a long time for a new building to move into and this one went up for sale because the people in it previously went out of business. They came over to us with an offer to sell! This new building is everything we’ve been wanting and then some. We’re currently paying about 3500 for the place we’re in now. This building is about 17 thousand! There was no way we could possibly afford that. But these people really want us to have the place and they are super picky about the tenants they allow to take their spot. He lowered the price to 13 thousand! Which is still a lot, but WOW! What a drop! So we’re really praying about this offer and making sure it’s God’s will that we move in. So far everything has been falling into place. When I got home from work, my Bible study girls were waiting for me, hehe. We had an awesome session! A great study. Even though a lot of the girls couldn’t come because of homework, there were still three that came and we worked on making our necklaces. So that was great. This Saturday I’m taking my girls for a hike and we’re going to have a picnic. I’m really excited, we’re gonna have fun. Also, last night one of my brother’s best friends came over to talk. I was so relieved, because I knew my brother needed someone (like Jason, his best friend), to talk to. So while they talked I watched the coolest episode of CSI. I must have missed seeing a few episodes while I was at school, because this is like the third one in a row that I don’t remember seeing before. haha. So anyway, Jason left and my bro and I watched “Along Came a Spider” and I chatted with Jxxxx online. We had a great conversation and I was able to clear up a nagging feeling that I had from our last discussion the night before he left to go back to school. I feel a tremendous weight off of my heart now that it’s all cleared up. Hooray!
And that brings me to today. Although I know I’ve forgotten a lot of ‘actually interesting’ details, I’m glad I’m all caught up in my update. I just got done calling my Bible study girls to confirm tomorrow’s hike and now here I am. *deep breath* So, I can’t wait until I get home and I can go play tennis! Yippi!

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