Another New Morning!

Wow! This morning has been interesting to say the least! But in order that I may build up your anticipation, I’ll start with the happenings of last night. hehe
I went to the college group at Redwood last night and it was like a glass of ice cold water on a hot summer day. Very refreshing somehow. Doug talked about gossip and used Matt. 12:33-37 and a few verses from Proverbs to explain the age old lesson that gossip kills friendships (among other things). It was a great lesson to be refreshed in. He pointed out a few things that I hadn’t really thought at length about before. Like different forms of gossip and why people do it. A form of gossip that I hadn’t thought about before is like when someone makes a prayer request and they say something like “Please keep Jimmy in your prayers, he’s into some unhealthy stuff…but I can’t say more than that…” haha. So sly! Anyhow, now that I have you on the edge of your seat, I’ll tell you about this morning.
Around 8:30 this morning I was sitting in my bro’s office reading up on my current events in my TIME magazine and our head secretary and most important employee comes in to me and says “Good morning Sarah!” *with a hint of a spanish accent*. And this is normal, the startling part was when she said goodbye. I was like “Oh, where are you vamosing to?” *really bad imitation of spanish accent*. And she said she was going home! I jumped up and ran after her to ask why but she was already out the door. (She’s a quick one) Turns out that she got in a fight with Jackie, our employee manager. I’m not sure what it was about, but after many heated talks over cell phones and whatnot…she’s not coming back today. My mom gave her the day off to cool down. Since this event, things have been different around the office. I’ve taken to changing the way I do things a bit, but nothing directly connected with Solliette or Jackie’s heated altercation. That was just weird. Also, the watermelon I got from the roach coach this morning wasn’t as good as it normally is. And Mr.Chow and his wife were unusually friendly, Mrs. Chow actually smiled before she grabbed the money from my hand! Very very strange. Another exciting thing that is happening in the office is that there are two HUGE Budget trucks out front and we’re emptying out the warehouse into them until our new shelving comes tomorrow. I think it’s good for the warehouse to clean it out a bit…and who knows what we might find shoved to the back? (oooo, maybe we’ll find some historic relics or that one worker guy that mysteriously disappeared after that huge fire loss many years ago…hmmmm) Anyway, with all this excitement going on, I’ve decided to change the way I do things, simply to get into the spirit. I’ve started stapling my papers with my left hand in hopes of evening out the muscles in my forearms and hands. I’m also attempting to type a bit more with my left hand in order to increase flexibility in my fingers.
Well, the good in all this will hopefully reveal itself soon. At least I have a desk to sit at today instead of sitting in a folding chair in the conference room. A real treat I assure you! So until the next time I have another free moment, I hope you all have a day just as exciting as mine!

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