Another great day….

So I took my Bible study girls for a hike this morning and I owe a super big thanks to my buddy Lance for comming along and keeping us safe. We went to Big Apple Bagels and picked up lunch and then we wondered around the trails until we found a nice spot to settle and eat. It was fun. Then we hiked back to my car and had a tailgate study session where Lance gave the girls a guy’s perspective on modesty and inner beauty. The girls had fun and so did we. Hooray! Then I went to the A’s game tonight with Q and some of his family friends. It was super fun, the A’s played an awesome game and they have set a new record of winning 17 straight games in a row. History was made and I got to be there for it. One of the A’s guys hit a home run and he broke the bat! It was soooo cool. But the best part was the awesome seats we got on the feild to watch the Pyro Spectacular! It was one of the best fireworks shows I’d seen in a while. There were these three little girls (about fourth grade and under) that came with us and them little Nick, and all four of them just harass him all night! It was hilarious to sit and watch. hehe. So now my next big event that I’m looking forward to is going to see Mama Mia on Tuesday with Bxxx. I’m so excited about it! Then hopefully if all goes well I’ll be going to the Hoobastank / 311 concert with Loreanne and Kenny! Then on the 17th, Q and his friend Shane and I are going to another A’s game, which should be fun. So much to look forward to…times are going good. Praise the Lord! But man am I worn out! Sleepy time.

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