Three Weddings and a soccer game…

Today was insane! First I woke up and got ready to go to a bridal shower for a good friend, Stacey. My mom and I stayed there for a few minutes and then hurried off to go to my friend Natalie’s wedding which was in Fremont. We decided to miss our turn and take the scenic route! haha. We got there just as the reception was starting, saddness, we missed the actual wedding. Her wedding was at this historic park with an old victorian house and so I decided to go and take the tour. haha. It was fun and very educating. The tour ended just in time for lunch. The food at the wedding was rather yummy, especially the bread. Unfortunately I had to leave that wedding early too so we could get back in time to get ready for another wedding. Although, this wedding was one that I wasn’t invited to…but I wasn’t upset, because I had other plans I was looking forward to. hehe. My friend Quinn took me to the San Jose Earthquakes soccer game! It was an awesome game, they were playing the Dallas Burn. We won four to zero. But once again, we decided to take the scenic route. But we got there in plenty of time. We had originally left early because Quinn was hoping to get one of the player’s autographs on the cover of his Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to him. After the game we drove back to my place and he picked up his car and we drove to Starbucks to chill until he had to go. We ran into Loreanne’s sister Ashley, because she works there and I also saw one of my friends that I work with at A&F. Quinn actually used to work with my at A&F, that’s where I met him. Strange coincidence, eh? So we said hi to them and I tried out this new drink at Starbucks and it was really good…it was called a vanilla creme something-or-other. I can’t remember, but it tasted just like a vanilla milkshake. Yumnmy! Once again, though, we were forced to improvise because there weren’t any open tables inside and there weren’t any tables set up outside, so we walked to the corner and sat on the benches at the bus stop. Clever eh?! We chatted for a while about nothing in particular and I admired the motorcycles parked in front of Starbucks. *mmmm, motorcycles* There was a Yamaha and a Kawasaki Ninja and some others. Quinn was trying to get me to go over and ask if they’d give me a ride around the parking lot, but I was too scared so I didn’t. hehe, I kinda wish I had now. Oh well, perhaps next time.
Anyhow, it was a wonderfully adventurous day. And I’m sure I left out some exciting tid-bits that I’ll recall later. But that’s the skinny of it! Thank you Lord for another exciting day!

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