“The List”…

Once again, I had another interesting train of thought on my way to work this morning. I was thinking about a discussion my mom and I had the other day about what was on our “Lists”. There are two lists, among many others, that are very important in every woman’s life…one is the “I would soooo marry him if it were realistic and practical” and the other is the “Qualities I look for or that would put you on the marriage list of possibilities”.
After watching Iron Monkey again last night before going to bed, I decided that Donnie Yen is now officially on the “I-would-marry-him…” list. Besides the fact that he’s 18 years older than me and only 5’8 and divorced once already…I’d say his resume leaves him with great potential! Anyhow, he’s currently first on my list…taking the place of that guy I saw doing a wheely on the frontage road on a Kawasaki a few weeks ago. I admit that placing him as #1 might have been a bit hasty…but he was awfully cool. Along side them were Vin Diesel and Peter Parker…not the actor who played Peter Parker, but Peter Parker himself…I like his character. hehe.
To give you a bit of history of my “Lists” and to give you an idea of the validity in them…in fourth grade my top picks were Indiana Jones and following in a close second was Jean Kelley and that blonde animated guy from the G.I. Joes. In fifth grade Ferris Beuller took Indiana’s place in first along with this guy that sat next to me during science lab. And I know there were others, but I can’t remember at the moment. In six grade, Robbin (Chris O’Donnell) in Batman Forever took the lead and in a close second came that guy with the long blond hair from the Christian music group Audio Adrenalin. I can’t currently remember who was on the list in seventh grade, I think it was Michael J. Fox when he was in Back To The Future…not sure, but in eight grade Indiana Jones came back and a kid I met in Washington D.C. who lent me 82 cents when I was in line in a gift shop buying gifts for my family to bring home. Now, mind you…these are all dug up by memory…I may have forgotten a few. (If I remember any that are worth mentioning…I’ll post them later, haha) Oh! That reminds me…high school! Freshman year, the list grew dramatically. I went to Hume Lake and I met Philip Larrue (I’m not sure if I spelled that right…I’ll check later). But as Loreanne can tell you…I was completely thrown with this guy. His friends called him Zelda (I’m not sure why)…and he was super good with a guitar and could sing like nothin’ else. I was convinced he’d be famous someday so I worked up the courage one day to ask for his autograph. And guess what? A few years later he and his sister started a group and they’re very well known now! Cool, huh? But yes, I was enamored with Philip, haha. He remained on the list for many years following that. David Duchovney and other random guys from TV shows including that guy in Dark Angel would follow on the list, as well as some musicians like that blue-eyed guy from BBMak.
Naturally, I am running out of time…so I will fill in the rest later as time allows…but in closing I would like to leave you with a disclaimer (as well as a word of hope to all those guys out there that are reading this and thinking to themselves…”this sucks! My gf has a list like this?!”) This is just a LIST…nothing more…it’s like those lists you guys have that probably include Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Brittany Spears and Faith Hill. Simply dreams to occupy our spare time. So if this new knowledge reaches you in the form of discouragement, I’m sorry, but don’t loose hope and know that your chances are still the same with that girl you met at church…because she was building her list long before she met you, haha.

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