Random thoughts provoked by boredom

THOUGHT #1 – ‘Normal’ is a word boring people made up to feel better about themselves.

THOUGHT #2 – Imagine, if you will, a world without hypothetical situations…

THOUGHT #3 – If I gave my dog ice cream, and he ate it really really super fast…would he get a brain freeze?

THOUGHT #4 – If I tied a piece of buttered toast with jelly to the back of a cat…and dropped him…would the cat still land on all fours?

THOUGHT #5 – If I made a cow laugh really hard, would milk come out her nose?

THOUGHT #6 – If olive oil is made from olives, what is baby oil made from?

THOUGHT #7 – Would I still be typing, or even having these ridiculous thoughts if I had something more constructive to do? (*thinking not too much longer about it*…Probably)

THOUGHT #8 – If a tree fell in the forest…I would assume that the guy who was there to see (and learn that it actually happened) heard it fall…

THOUGHT #9 – …but then again, if he was deaf…hmmmm…

THOUGHT #10 – …I wonder who the tree in the forest belonged to, I bet they were sad to hear the news…but what if the owner is deaf?…what if the owner, of the tree that fell, lives in a little cottage not too far from his tree, and even though he is deaf, he felt the vibrations through the ground from the powerful impact of the tree hitting the ground….does that count?

THOUGHT #11 – I think I should move on…and leave the blind man to mourn his fallen tree (which was not heard, but was felt) in peace.

THOUGHT #12 – (a.k.a.- the final thought for right now…at least until I get bored with spining in circles on my swiveling desk chair) If I possesed the ability to move with light speed…and I ran over and smacked my brother on the back of his head and ran back…would he know it was me? Or rather, how many times would I be able to do it before he figured it out (IF he ever figured it out)?

A P.S. THOUGHT – (because the last one was supposed to be my last one until I was done spinning – and I’m not done spinning yet) Do all the other office receptionists have this much free time? I wonder what kind of swivel chairs they use…

FINAL THOUGHT – Save yourself! Check out these CUBICAL FREEDOM KITS! – http://www.officeguy.com/htmls/freedom.html

*please excuse the explicative address name* http://www.bullshitjob.com/officespace/missingwork.wav
*heehee…go on, click on this one…*smile* you know you want to!*

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One Response to “Random thoughts provoked by boredom”

  1. trademehalos says:

    lol! Sarah that’s some good stuff…I really wish you could move that fast and that I could watch you hit josh repeatedly…that was great. *laughs*

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