My Magic 76 ball…

Well, a lot has happened since my last entry. The roach coach came, I found out my phone isn’t working, I did the payroll sheets and I wandered around the office and I found a fun new toy!
You probably have all heard of those black magic eight balls that you ask questions and it tell you the answer when you look inside it, well, I found one of those except it’s in the form of an orange 76 ball. (We probably got one for a gas promotion or something) Anyhow, since I couldn’t remember anything else to add about my “List” I decided to have some fun with my new toy. Here are some questions I asked my new magic 76 ball:

Me – Will I ever be a kung-fu master?
76 Ball – Dream on.
Me – Will I do anything constructive today?
76 Ball – It isn’t so
Me – Will I ever marry someone on my “List”?
76 Ball – Absolutely!
Me – Are you saying that as a cruel joke?
76 Ball – Not now I’m busy
Me – Are you a mean magic ball?
76 Ball – Looks like a yes
Me – back to my questions, will today be super boring?
76 Ball – Be more specific
Me – Will I be bored out of my mind?
76 Ball – Oh yeah
Me – Will I get yelled at today?
76 Ball – Absolutly
Me – Should I eat this shaddy looking muffin that I got from the roach coach?
76 Ball – Think twice
Me – If I eat it, will I get sick? or even die?
76 Ball – 1000 times no
Me – *sigh of relief* *feeling more confident* If I run over to my brother’s cubical and hit him over the head and run away really fast – will he know it was me? will I get away?
76 Ball – Dream on
Me – Do people really read my ridiculous live journal?
76 Ball – Whatever
Me – Will I have any fun today?
76 Ball – 1000 times no
Me – Will Loreanne become a music superstar or famous author?
76 Ball – Absolutely
Me – Will Kenny ever succeed in taking over the world?
76 Ball – Looks like a yes

Well, I’m being summoned back to work again. If you have any questions that you want me to ask the magic 76 Ball, feel free to post them. Till then…beware Kenny is going to take over the world and keep your eye out for Loreanne’s latest novel and cd.

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One Response to “My Magic 76 ball…”

  1. propheceye says:

    Bleh, the 8 ball is all wrong. I don’t want to take over the world. I simply want to destroy it. Xenocide just makes me all giddy inside.

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