My Bestest Friend In the Whole Wide World!!!

Yea Yea, I know I’ve posted like 20 thousand entries today, but what can I do? I have a lot to say and I’m finally getting the hang of this thing. hehe *proud smile*.
I was thinking last night as I gently placed my chipmunk cheek on my pillow (btw, I’d just gotten my wisdom teeth pulled – go to trademehalos to read more about it). Anyway, as I was saying; I have the best friend ever! I know you all think that your best friends are the bestest in the whole wide world, but seriously – you’d think twice about your best friends if you ever meet mine. Her name is Loreanne and she has been there for me ever since we were in diapers. That’s right, we’ve been best friends for 20 years now! (I just know you’re jealous, hehe). But honestly, I’ve had plenty of friends in my life time, but Loreanne has been the most faithful, loving and sometimes, brutally honest best friend in the whole wide world. She’s been there for me when I have been an absolute cranky pants and when I have been in need of a hug. She’s been there when every guy on the face of this planet seemed to be a jerk and she’s been there when I was seeing through rose colored glasses. She’s been there when I went off to college where I didn’t know anyone. Let me just say a quick side note about that. You know when you are going away and all your friends give you their email addresses and phone numbers and stuff and they say “Oh yes, we’ll definitely keep in touch! And we’ll stay friends FOREVER!” haha, let me just say WHATEVER! Leaving for college is not only a time that forces you to clean out your room, and re-evaluate your life, it’s also a time where you learn who your real friends are. And I have tons of people who are still my friends and we still talk and stuff whenever I come home on a break from school or whatever, but Loreanne is the only true friend that would call me and send me real written letters in the mail and would let me know she still loved me. She is the only true friend who always has perfect timing and would always stop whatever she was doing to talk to me when I called her on her cell phone. She’s even the one who introduced me to this lovely LiveJournal site. She’s the one who listens to my corny jokes and watches kung fu movies with me even when I know they’re not her favorite. She tells me about her favorite books that she’s reading and about a new top that she got at the mall. She tells me about the neat things she comes across at places like the fair that she knows I’ll like. She is beautiful in every way to me. She has a gorgeous laugh that brings her big smile and frosty blue eyes to life. I love her laugh, it’s a soft warm laugh. Someday I’ll find the perfect words to describe it. She has a beautiful voice and she just smiles when I tease her about singing all the time. Sometimes I’m jealous because she has never had any sort of dental appliance in her life and she has a perfect white smile (the kind that people like me pay a fortune for). She’s super strong and she’s a leader, but only acts like one when she feels called upon. She loves kids and kids love her. I always have fun telling my friends at college about her because we’ve had so many exciting adventures together. Someday I hope to write a book about her, because everyone should be able to experience an episode of the Loreanne series. I would say we are complimentary opposites, but we have tons in common. She is the bestest friend that any girl could ever ask for and I can only pray that you too are blessed to have a true best friend like Loreanne.

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One Response to “My Bestest Friend In the Whole Wide World!!!”

  1. trademehalos says:

    “There is nothing on this earth to be more prized than true friendship” Saint Thomas Aquinas
    aww sarah! You made me cry! thank you 🙂 that was totally sweet and unexpected…you just made my day. I’m glad I have a friend who appreciates my friendship as much as I appreciate hers. you’re a doll! love ya much!

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