Journey To Find Myself….sort of

Well, continuing my neverending quest to ‘find myself’ and perhaps even ‘discover who I really am’, I learned through a thoroughly reliable online quiz (put together by all-knowing professionals, naturally) that this is the type of geek I am…a casual user. Go figure.

What sort of geek are YOU?

Now my journey is complete…I know who I am! haha, well, not really. I think it’d be sort of sad if I were that simple to define in character. Anyhow, it was an interesting leg of my quest to discovering my true self. haha, till next time kiddos…stay tuned!

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5 Responses to “Journey To Find Myself….sort of”

  1. propheceye says:

    Face it, you are just too good looking to be a geek. On the upside though you are prime geek-bait and have a 84% chance of marrying some geek who will be filthy rich and can provide you the funding for your plans…

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Wow, now that’s something I hadn’t really thought of. *making mental note* I’ll add that to my character description. *writing: I am geek-bait* Thanks a bunch! Now I am another step closer to finding out who I really am!

  3. tikijam says:

    wooooo okay I just put two and two together and realized who you are and that I know you cuz I met you at the luau thingee! So hi Sarah! can I add you to my friends list!?!?!?! and that entry you wrote about loreanne was beautiful! (I wish *my* best friend wrote things like that about me 😛 shhhh) hehe but anyways just wanted to say hey 🙂

  4. sarahmadson says:

    I would be honored…
    It wouls be an honor to be on your friends list! I’m glad you found us! Can I put you on my friends list too?

  5. tikijam says:

    Re: I would be honored…
    yaaaay! and yes you may! 🙂

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