Jerry Mcguire Schpeal

Ok, so maybe I’m a young idealistic college student in a brash, take-it-or-leave-it society. But is there no ‘good honest’ business these days? Perhaps I’m sounding like an old grandma, but I mean…I kind of wish things were like they used to be, you know…like, doing something for someone out of the kindness of your heart type stuff.
Just a moment ago I was given some paperwork to do and so I take it and start working on it like I normally do…typing and whatnot. What I was typing up is called a ‘packout’. A packout is a list of boxes and the items in them that our workers pack up for people who have had a disaster (such as a flood or fire) in their home. What we do is pack up their stuff if they ask us to and we bring it back to our warehouse to clean and restore if possible. Now this particular write up wasn’t organized into boxes like normal, in fact it had no order whatsoever. So I went to my supervisor and asked what should be done. He told me that I should just organize it the best that I could from the pictures that were taken. I asked if I should go tell our workers to organize the stuff into boxes, so it’d be easier for the people who have to clean it. He said that the workers wouldn’t do anything unless they were paid to do it.
I was kind of sad to hear this. I mean, honestly, it wouldn’t take that much effort to simply put stuff neatly into boxes. Plus it would have given our company a better image. After all, that is what our company is known for. To do the best we can at all times. We base our company on principles and our number one principles is to honor God in all we do.
Oh well, perhaps I’m just pursuing an American dream that faded long ago. A dream of ideals, smiles and trustworthy service that has become nothing more than a ploy to sell business and get people to trust in us while we do nothing more than what it takes to get by.
For what it’s worth, I hope there are more people out there that hold the same morals and values that I do. People that maintain integrity in a ‘dog eat dog’ economy. Because it may sound cheesy, but this dog isn’t going to leave her heart on the porch.

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