Jack Vettriano

Well, it’s 8am Monday morning and once again I find myself sitting at my desk with pretty much nothing constructive to do. So naturally I decided to pass my early morning work hours checking out art.com – one of the coolest photography and art sites there is. You see, being somewhat an artist myself, I find hours of entertainment cruzing the picture/art galleries.
I have a few favorite artists. I have a broad, but still professional, taste in artists. A few of my favorites include American classics like Norman Rockwell and classy masters of detail like Jack Vettriano. Sometimes I get so lost when I look at his paintings. I especially like ‘The Singing Butler’, it’s such a charming piece. Anyhow, this is my short snippet for today. So until I am inspired again, check out art.com and awesome painters like Jack Vettriano and let me know what you think.

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