Interesting thoughts by Cinderella…

Well, here’s the deal…I had a super cool and somewhat long entry that I had just finished typing and I was all excited to post it when, unfortunatly, my stupid computer froze up. I was sooooo angry! And that’s why I’m frustrated. Anyhow, I’m going to attempt to retype what I had written. But unfortunatly, this is just the skinny of it…because I’m tired and cranky and really really upset with my stupid computer.
Yesterday I was assigned to clean my entire house. Yippi. Well, since I’ve been cleaning since before I can remember, such tasks have become pretty mindless. So while I was scrubbing the floor of bathroom #1 my mind began to wander.
I could tell you the whole story, and perhaps I will someday when I have more time to reflect on the moment, but I got to thinking about the story of Rudolph the red nose reigndeer. I started thinking about what a bad message it really sends to kids about acceptance. I mean, honestly, those other reigndeer didn’t really start shouting out with glee until after Rudolph was of some help to them. Before, they rejected him and wouldn’t let him join in any reigndeer games. I think that’s a pretty messed up message to send to kids. That you’ll be accepted once you’re useful to the other kids. Anyhow, that’s the very very slim version of the other entry I had *grumbling under breath ‘stupid computer* Oh well, so it goes eh?

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One Response to “Interesting thoughts by Cinderella…”

  1. propheceye says:

    The sooner kids learn how much reality sucks, the better. Kids can’t get used to the pain when we go around telling them things will always work out the way they should now can they?

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