I need a change…

So once again I was thinking…(I think maybe I think too much?)…anyway, I need a change. A lot has changed this summer, but somehow I am still unsatisfied. I think I want to do like Loreanne did and cut my hair. I already cut it once this summer, but I was thinking of going shorter, like a boy cut (an example would be like Gweneth Paltro in “Sliding Doors” or Meg Ryan in “French Kiss”) Something like that. I dunno, I think it’d be an interesting change and maybe it would make me look my age. It would also require less maintenance. Besides, if I don’t like it…hair grows fast, right? I wish I had one of those programs that you can scan a picture into and then you can adjust your picture and safely experiment with different looks. That’d be nice.
My wardrobe has taken a drastic turn as well this summer. I’m starting to dress like a grown up because of my job. Wearing clothes from places like INC and stuff, it’s shocking really. A&F has been letting me down lately. My old store has completely new management and I’m really sad about that. I miss all my old co-workers. There are only two people left still working there from my old orientation group. The new manager that runs the place now is kind of a witch. Oh well, I’ll be glad to see all my new Seattle co-workers at A&F when I get back.

So much is going on this coming week, I was supposed to go up to Hume Lake with a couple friends…but then Loreanne’s bday party came up and I couldn’t miss that! Then my friend Quinn emailed me asking if I wanted to hang out this weekend and I always have a good time with him….so I invited him to come to Loreanne’s party with me, that’ll be fun. My parents are leaving on a business trip next week and that same week my good friend Jon is visiting. And we’re gonna have fun hanging out. Then the last week of august my friend Bradford is coming home from this super long camp thing he was at as a staff person. And he’s going to call me when he gets home.
I really wanted to take Loreanne to see Mama Mia! for our birthdays. But she’s leaving soon! So not fair! And also my friend Emily is hooking me up with this other job that’s going to pay $500 a week! Then I also have a Weezer / Dashboard Confessional concert on the 10th! I’m really excited about that. Wow, that’s a lot going on, and all the while I’m working working working….blah. Oh well, so it goes…it pays the bills. At least I have the option of having thursdays off in case I get any hours at A&F and I have my Bible study girls over! I’m so excited about them, my girls are the coolest! Another exciting thing is that I haven’t had to worry about my holes very much lately (my wisdom teeth holes that is). I’m so glad it’s almost over! I can’t wait until they’re completely healed up and I can start trying to get them all back in place. Then I can have a nice, straight pearly white smile again! You know what’s frustrating? People like Loreanne who have never had a single dental appliance or tooth out of place ever in their entire lives! I’m sooo jealous! But I still love her.
Hmmm, I should probably go see if there’s anything constructive for me to do. blah…

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2 Responses to “I need a change…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    haha sarah nice of you to say that…but have you forgotten the braces from third to fifth grade, the neckgear, and the retainer? I hardly think that’s nothing. 😛

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: Oops…I forgot
    Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about that! Well, okay, but you still have perfect teeth.

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