Another Exciting Day…

I got to miss work again today…which was nice except for the fact that I had to still wake up at the same ungodly hour in the morning and spend the whole day doing chores and running erans. Figures. I stopped by A&F today to pick up my schedule which they still hadn’t printed up and I was pulled aside by our new (and seriously anal) manager. She is nice and all, but I still haven’t gotten to know her very well and she was concerned about me not being walked out of the store by a manager (which is what we’re supposed to do even if we’re not working). I had done this twice by accident when I wasn’t working. So she just wanted to point this out to me and inform me that she had fired 5 other employees this week for doing the same thing. Yikes! Well, I’m sure I will remember once I get back into the swing of things.
Then I went to the bank to deposit my pay checks. Yippi! When I was driving back I was feeling pretty good, well I always feel good after depositing pay checks, hehe. It was a sunny day and the temperature was nice and I was smiling because these kids in the car next to me were waving at all the drivers in cars around them to see if they’d wave back. It was cute.
Now I have about an hour and a half before I have to get back in my car and drive back to the orthodontist to have my holes (wisdom teeth holes) looked at again. Blah. I’m seriously not looking forward to that.
But so it goes, another uneventful day in the life of me. I’m sure things will spice up as the evening nears.

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