A Weight On My Heart

I sit here at work, in my little cubical and I listen to the hardy bantering of my co-workers. Normally I would be chuckling to myself at their good natured joking. But this time, for some reason, my conscience has once again chimed it’s warning in my head. I begin to listen to the joking again, but this time I have my moral sensor turned on. This moral sensor used to be turned on all the time, but recently, while watching a movie with my friends, I had quietly switched it off for social acceptance sake. I knew better, however, I casually glazed over it in a moment of peer acceptance. Anyhow, back to the office….I began to listen to the chuckles again with my moral sensor and, unsurpised, I began to hear what I knew would begin to weigh heavily on my heart. Racial slander, harsh reality, the works.
I had recently found out that the caucasian race had become the legal minority in California, but honestly, being a white female, I had never felt like a minority, let alone a majority…this was just something I had never really thought about. I have always been aware of these realities…but I suppose I had just tried to block it out.
But listening to my co-workers joke about imagrants and border crossing and stuff like that. I really began to strike a cord with me. I didn’t say anything, but I sat and began to weep in my heart for those who were not here to defend themselves.
So I cast the woes of this heavy heart out into the cyber abyss, out to anyone who will listen to my futile whining. And now, farewell for now deep abyss.

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