A Tribute to Kermit….We will miss you!

No…not Kermit the Muppet, this Kermit was better…he was my Kermit – the African Dwarf frog. Saddly, dear Kermit passed away some time last night. He was a great frog and he was well trained and very loving. He could jump up on command and he would even eat out of my hand. His loss not only hit me hard, but his brother Spiderman (not the super hero, the frog) as well. I brought Kermit and Spiderman home from Petco at the begining of this summer as little itty bitty froglets. So cute! *sniff* Now it’s just Spiderman…I think I’ll allow him some time to mourn this tragic loss before introducing a new playmate. Everyone deserves some time to cry…

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