A Perfect Evening

Wow! Don’t you love it when you get home and as you toss off your shoes and plop down on your bed, all you can think to say as you reflect on your evening is something to the extent of “Wow!”. I had that same feeling as I threw myself on my bed and gazed up at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling last night.
My good friend Quinn invited me a while back to go to the outdoor theatre with himself and his aunt and uncle. Now, before I go on, there is something you should understand about Quinn. Picture, if you will, the guys you see on the sides of the Abercrombie and Fitch bags. Now picture a sweet, hard working, family loving guy trapped in one of those A&F model bodies. No joke! This one is a catch! But even better, and I know nobody reading this would believe me if they met the guy, he’s a great friend and it hasn’t ever crossed my mind to think of him any other way until my friends point it out to me. When they do…I just can’t help but laugh at the thought, because he’s an awesome friend! Anyhow, back to my wonderful evening.
They picked me up last night at about 6pm and we went to this cute little Chinese food place tucked away in a quaint little nook of Oakland. I’ve never been really big on Chinese food, but this place was yummy. From there we went to the theatre to see The Sound of Music! I’ve never seen the sound of music in it’s entirety before, I’ve only seen snippets here and there, so I was pretty jazzed about that. The performance was great and the best part was during intermission. When the lights came up, we headed up the stairs and out to a terrance on top of the theatre that over looked the city lights. It was a beautiful view and we sat at a picnic table and had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa, it was awesome. The rest of the evening was just as fun too. I look forward to more outings like that one.

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